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28930: Holmstead (reply) Re: 28918: RV (comment) Holmstead RE Dominique case (fwd)

FROM: John Holmstead

And with all the money and resources available to the
Latortue government was the case taken up again? Was a
new judge fully funded and empowered to pursue the
case? Whatever happened to Gassant's files that were
presumably misplaced and rediscovered? If, in fact, it
was such an open and shut case why was this never
fully pursued when a virtual carte blanche was
afforded by  the international community? Where is the
case today and when can we expect the investigation to

This still does not answer why all those who accused
Aristide of ordering Touissaint to kill Dominique
remained silent during the presidential campaign. Was
there a reason they decided out of the public's eye
that Toussaint was no longer involved as presumed
earlier? Was this just a case of using Toussaint as
the enemy when it suited them and then turning a
blind-eye when it no longer served a purpose against

--- Bob Corbett <corbetre@webster.edu> wrote:

From revolisyone@hotmail.com:

John Holmstead writes:

"The accusations regarding the blocking of the
investigation had to do with
parliamentary immunity claimed by Dany Toussaint."

This is false.

The reason that a multitude of sources called
Aristide to account for blocking
the investigation into the murder had to do with the
fact that he had stripped
away all the financial and logistical support that
René Préval had allotted to
the investigation of Dominique's killing, and
personally refused to renew the
mandate of investigating judge Claudy Gassant until
Gassant was safely in exile
(after multiple threats against his life by
Aristide's party and police). Let's
say that one more time: Aristide personally withdrew
financial and logistical
support for the case and refused to renew the
mandate of the investigating

In her March 7, 2002 radio address


Michele Montas said the following:

"The Chief of State, who has the direct and
exclusive authority to renew Judge
Gassant's mandate, has still not done so although
that judge diligently and
systematically conducted the investigation for 16
months with courage and
competence, not allowing himself to be intimidated
by individuals presumed
above the law. No explanation was given to thousands
of persons who, for 23
months, have been calling for justice in this
emblematic case. All the
resources, i.e. logistical, technical, and financial
made available in this
judicial case by the preceding government have been

Is that clear enough for Mr. Holmstead? Would John
Holmstead argue that this is
the behavior of someone with nothing to hide?


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