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28953: Chin (info) (fwd)

From: Elizabeth J. Chin <ejc@oxy.edu>

Hello all,

 I have been in Haiti for about a week with my two children and am very
 happy to say that despite my worries everything has been wonderfully
 quiet.  We are mostly up in Thomassin, but spent a few days down in
 Delmas 83 doing some work and haven't seen anything scary.  Port au
 Prince and other areas are still to be avoided, I hear, but I just wanted
 to put a positive word in.  There was a missionary group on the plane
 along with some other blan who looked like CIA hit men, and the airport
 seemed more organized than I've ever seen it.  Lots of UN soldiers at the
 airport but up in Petion-Ville it seems pretty much life as usual,
 although gas is up to H$40 a gallon.

Elizabeth Chin