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28972: Potemaksonje (reply) In Response to RV 28942 (fwd)

From Potemaksonje@yahoo.com

RV utilizes Labanye as a credible source.  On the
Haiti Democracy Project website (funded by Reginald
Boulos) it writes "Lavalas Supporter Reveals Palace
Involvement in Dominique Murder" and titles the radio
transcription as "Aristide Gang Leader Alleges
Dominique Murderer".  This is for an interview
conducted on May 3, 2004 over two months following the
coup and many, many months following Labanye's
departure from Lavalas.  So the Boulos Coup Project (I
mean Haiti Democracy Project) mischaracterizes
Labanye's loyalty by implying he is still a Lavalas
supporter also implying he is still a gang leader for

Jane Reagan's April 2005 article "Slum celebrates
crook's death" clearly states that Labanye by 2003 had
"aligned himself with the political
Opposition Group 184."  This establishes a clear
political motivation for tying So Anne to the death of
Toussaint and other violent activities, much like many
other pro-coup personalities attempted to do without
evidence.  The result was years in jail for innocent
people such as So Anne.

This does not mean that someone such as Toussaint
could not of had a role but how can we take Labanye's
word as a credible source, as RV does?   Sounds like
he took a page from Notes from the Last Testament.
Latortue could have prosecuted Toussaint (who had had
his political immunity stripped from him by the coup)
but he never did. Why?  Youri is now a senator.  A
sick joke?

The connections between Labanye and opposition
leader/sweatshop magnet Andre Apaid Jr are well known,
while RV sees Labanye a known murderer as a credible
source in his post.

See "Andy Apaid and Us" by Andrea Schmidt and Anthony
Fenton at

It explains:
Griffin?s report, published by the University of Miami
Law School?s Center for Human Rights, quoted Apaid to
expose his instrumental role in the coup against
Aristide and his affiliation with criminal elements in
Haiti?s populist slum, Cité Soleil. ?During the
investigation, investigators repeatedly heard reports
from police and slum residents that Apaid pays a Cité
Soleil gang leader to kill Lavalas supporters.? Apaid
himself told Griffin?s team in November 2004 that he
?had arranged a meeting with all Cite Soleil ?gang?
leaders three weeks after Aristide?s ouster, including
Tupac, Amaral, Billy, Dred Wilme, and Thomas ?Labanye
Robinson?. Apaid [said] he asked each of them to agree
to disarm, and only Labanye agreed.

Hopefully RV will do more background checking on the
individuals and organizations he uses before his next
batch of propaganda.

Also I wanted to point out another article came out
yesterday yearning for the days of Duvalier. What
wonderful comments from our friend Richard Morse
perched from Oloffson.  I had hoped he would mention
the 30,000 murdered under Duvalier but alas this part
of the story did not make an appearance.  Nostalgia
for Duvalier a theme recycled every few years by
journalists who only speak with those impeccable
French-speaking Haitians up in the high hills.

If you want to feel sick read:
Meanwhile: In Haiti, nostalgia for a dictator
James Pringle International Herald Tribune

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