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28993: Scheerhorn (ask) solar cooking (fwd)

From: Lynn Scheerhorn <lscheerhorn@ohiocitizen.org>

If any of you have connections or information regarding solar cooking programs in Les Cayes, please e-mail me. I am traveling to Les Cayes the end of October and I am hoping to visit a few sites that currently have a program in place.

I am excited about this as a project, because it will benefit people in more than one way.

Longer term I would like to see an increase in the use of solar panels to provide electricity for homes. So far I have only seen these used as a free standing panel, and I understand that theft is the biggest issue there.

Have solar panels been incorporated into the design and building of homes in Haiti? I am asking because if they could be incorporated into the architecture of the home, they would be "fixed in place" and perhaps not stolen.

Please pass on any info you have knowledge of regarding solar programs in Haiti, and particularly Les Cayes. Thanks! Lynn