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28983: Lyall (comment) when did armed gangs..etc? (fwd)

From: Jd Lyall <postmaster@lyalls.net>

"When did armed gangs from Cite Soliel ever march around the capital - let alone unchallenged?

"When did armed gangs from Cite Soliel attack unarmed citizens or commit massacres?"

I recall September 30, 2004. A great 'pacific, militant' march in Port au Prince that evolved into a great gun battle. A friend of mine was at the l'opital general and many bullets were hitting the building, fired from the crowd of unarmed protesters. Originally some info project moun said that they 'defended' themselves with hidden arms. Later this was changed to the crowd being completely defenseless.

I also recall the markets in Port being burned down. The victims testified on TNH that it was the guys from the OP's. Many schools were attacked for refusing to close for some general strike.

These questions must be from someone who does not live in haiti. Or visit?