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29081: Seitz (reply) Re: 29068: Minsky:Re: 29065: Sharp: re 29050: Labrom re 29019 Tourism (fwd)

From: suzanneseitz@comcast.net

It's hard to define the word "tourist" referring to Haiti.
A traveler is more like it.
But no, Tequila, you are right - it is never addressed properly in any tourism summit, including the brief time I attempted to work for tourism in the 90's. I especially learned then in general, that especially the private sector did not understand their best shot at promoting, or representing the country's best..... Along with its unbelievable creativity, the things that attract people to Haiti are subtle, and wonderful while caught in that mask of subtle mystery. The same effect hits people in Africa, where I am based now. Africa has become "in" for a number of complicated reasons, but never mind - "in" it is. Even while sending out danger signals, as it certainly does, Haiti has a better shot at succeeding in tourism now than ever. When will the country truly understand that...I guess partly because it doesn't understand itself. sue seitz