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From: Kathleen <kathleenmb@adelphia.net>

Everybody knows that France isn't going to pay this debt.  Is the U.S.
government going to pay the Native Americans? Would it really make sense for
current Americans to give up their land and pay money their forbears seized
in "founding a nation?'  We did destroy several, or rather, early settlers
    Bringing up this pie in the sky , dangling this huge carrot before the
disenfranchised poor, has the same effect as "si dye vle" , "se pa fot
nou/mwen" and "Blan will provide", constantly crippling Haitians in Haiti.
`When they leave Haiti and make new lives in the diaspora, they succeed.
They know it's up to them.
Pretty bad acts --- "helping" Haiti like this.  Kathleen

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