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29114: Rossier comments...(comment) re: 29056: Nat comments: RE: 29027: (fwd)

From: nicolas rossier <nicrossier@hotmail.com>

You bet. Now let's compare Toto to Aristide. Why not ? after all the
whole Bush administration

is now using these tactics with the war on terrorism. Bin Laden,
Hezbollah, Hamas are all Nazis

in their views. Didn't  latortue compare Aristide to Hitler. These
tactics are slap to the memory of the jews who died in the holocaust.

Now with the new alarming reports coming in (see lancet study) i think
latortue should maybe fly to panama or ask south africa to host him as
well.  He is the one who has to fear now not Aristide anymore.

From:  Bob Corbett <corbetre@webster.edu>
To:  "Bob Corbett's Haiti list" <haiti@lists.webster.edu>
Subject:  29060: Craig (comment) re: 29056: Nat comments: RE:
29027: Fenton (Article) The Return (fwd)
Date:  Sat, 2 Sep 2006 09:19:00 -0500 (CDT)

From:  Dan Craig

Let's start by sending Toto Constant home.  If that goes well,
what to anticipate when others return.

      It is time to reconcile Haitians and allow Aristide and
      politicians to come back.