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29117: Rigdon: (reply) RE: 29104: Lyall (reply) Re: 29076: Simidor (asks): Haitian radio on the internet (fwd)

From John Rigdon

Radio4VEH is available on line.


They are located in Cap-Haitian.  They also list these partner stations
in Haiti.

4VEH Partner Stations

Radio 4VET on 100.3 FM, The Evangelistic Voice of La Tortue. Studios at
Pagne, on the Haitian island of La Tortue, off the northwestern coast;
4VET reaches most of the northwestern peninsula and beyond; Founded
1998; Operates under the auspices of the Pagne Baptist Church.

Radio 4VEP on 93.3 FM, The Evangelistic Voice of Pignon. Located in
Pignon; reaches Central Plateau; On the air February, 2004 in
partnership with Hosean International Ministries, directed by Rev. Caleb

Radio 4VBM on 91.7 FM, Radio Victory Beyond Measure. Situated in
Beaumont in the southwestern peninsula; Founded in July, 2004 in
partnership with the Evangelical Bible Mission, directed by Rev. David

Horizon 94.7 (FM), founded in 1980 by Radio 4VEH, targets Haitian young
people and English speakers in greater Cap-Haitien with contemporary
Christian music and programming in English, 5 am - 11 pm.

According to their web site, the following stations rebroadcast their
signal in the U.S.

Faith Radio 89.1 FM (Montgomery, AL). Began early 2005 to air 5 hours of
Faith Radio programming daily on Horizon 94.7.

Radio Vérité 89.5 FM-SCA. Situated in New Jersey in Eastern part of the
USA. It covers Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens and 9 counties in New
Jersey. Director, Jouhaud Nicolas. You can listen to 4VEH on Radio
Verité: Ainsi Parle l'Eternel, Monday-Friday 1:00-2:00 p.m, Podium
Musical at night and Monde des Jeunes, Saturday 3:00-4:00 p.m.

Radio Espérance

Radio Lumière de Miami

Panick FM

Radio Union International

Radio Référence Inter de Winter Heaven in Winter Heaven, Orlando, Tampa,
Lake Card, Clairemont etc. Radio 4VEH programming can be heard 8:00-2:00
pm Sundays and Saturdays 2:00-3:00 p.m.

Radio Celect de Fort-Lauderdale

Freedom FM 88.7-SCA, Randolph, Boston, Massachusetts, it rebroadcasts
4VEH between 6:00 and 12:00 pm Saturdays and Sundays.

Voice of America also has 4 hours each day of Creole programming and
their broadcast and transcription is available via their web site.


John Rigdon
Tools and Resources for Haiti