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29170: Sprague & Emersberger (response) Charles Arthur (response) Sprague and Emesberger's lies

From:  <jebsprague@mac.[nospam]com>
& <Jemersberger@aol.[nospam]com>
September 14, 2006

This is in response to "Re: 29160: Charles Arthur (response) Sprague and Emesberger's lies (fwd)" All information in regards to Mr. Charles Arthur's alleged statements and activities within our piece entitled "Death Threats Against Lancet's Haiti Human Rights Investigator" published by the US-based Internet newsletter Counterpunch, on 11 September, 2006, is supported by testimony from London residents. We contacted Mr. Arthur days prior to publishing the article and received no response. Also, not mentioned in our article, it is clear by Mr. Arthur's post on a UK based website that he circulated information on churches that Ms. Kolbe and her parents attend. To our knowledge a police investigation, with cooperation from British authorities, is underway.

Authors of the Counterpunch piece,
Jeb Sprague & Joe Emersberger