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29178: Simidor (objects) Re: 29128: Kondrat (response) re: Simidor (29138) and Dailey (29139) "critiques" of Lancet study (fwd)

From: Daniel Simidor

I know it hardly matters what I say, separate reality
and all, but I take strong exception with this
characterization by Peter Kondrat: ?It seems, sadly,
that both Peter and Daniel are desperate to dismiss
the substance of the report because it raises
uncomfortable questions about the bloody result of the
coup against Aristide, which they supported.?

Many people opposed Aristide and his Lavalas regime
for different reasons and with different means, but I
for one never supported any so-called coup.  As I
wrote on this list a few days after Titid?s hasty
departure, a coup may have been in the making, but the
chicken flew the coop before the actual blow was

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