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29237: lyall (comment) the commentary and postings on Wayne State study (fwd)


Peculiar that the same articles keep being posted about the Wayne State Kolbe/Huston Haiti study. Shoot the Messenger has now been posted for the third time? By pseudonyms?

The 'conflict of interest' problem is that the 10th page of the paper, the references page, says 'we declare that we have no conflict of interest', then immediately gives as supporting reference articles written by Duff, L.

This looks exactly like putting some wild claim on www.coupinhaiti.net then reporting elsewhere 'it has been reported that...'. Using another name. This has happened many times the past few years in this bizarre Haiti political world.

People claiming that Transparency International was a creature of Haiti Democracy Project to cast aspersions on the democratically elected government of Haiti, for instance. Or that Reporters sans Frontiers came in to existence to criticize the same. These claims were made.

The Kolbe/Huston paper has invited disrepute by citing articles allegedly by third parties, but which actually are a pseudonym of the principal author. Kind of a mysterious blunder as it was not necessary to cite ones fictional self.

And, why is potemaksonje posting this [Shoot the Messenger] for a third time? Which identity already posted it? Is this actually Lyn Duff?