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29249: Pierre (Reply) Re: 29229: Hermantin(News) Letters to Editor (fwd)

From: Kawonabo1500@aol.com

First of all, Allen and Ralph from Miami need the course to learn how to
spell the language of Dessalines correctly. It is written, 'KREY“L' , and not,
'Creol'. Kreyol has a its own grammatical structurre as in any other language.
Kreyol has a lot of beauty and wealth, and carries a lot of our African
tradition, mores, civilization that no other language on Earth has. For instance, where on Earth do you ever hear proverbs like, ' Yon sel dwet pa manje kalalou' or
 'Apre fet, tanbou lou' and 'Men Anpil, Chay pa lou'. (Respectively, You
cannot eat okra with only one finger, The Drums feel heavier after the Party, With
many helping hands, the weight becomes light). Look at the difference! The
imagery in the Kreyol is astounding. The richness of our language is
unparalleled in the World. Kreyol is the language that will save the world from all the
inhumanity and meanness of the Corporate French, and English Satans. So
therefore, the time to teach our children to speak and write Kreyol is now. It is a
liberating experience. I would suggest to Allen and Ralph to liberate their
minds now of those primitive prejudices and grow strong.
M. Pierre