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29255: Bick (reply) RE: 29241: Laforest (asks) Re: 29229: Hermantin(News) Letters to Editor (fwd)

From: Paul BICK <paulbick@msn.com>

Well, obviously ... without language, access to culture is closed.  No
Creole, no Haitian identity.

Your question seems to imply that Creole is 'useless' in terms of
broadening employment opportunities, etc.  Really, its all about the less
tangible value of cultural identity - Why do you think Jewish kids have
to study Hebrew?

Bilingualism is good for you - why not start with the language of your
parents and grandparents?


, 27 Sep 2006 15:54:20 -0500 (CDT)

From: Me Robert Laforest <lawyerha@hotmail.com>>
What is the purpose of teaching Creole to Haitian American kids ?