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29263: Lucien (ask) Where is our Tourisme Web Site? (fwd)

From: Jean-Patrick Lucien <patlucien@yahoo.com>

Yesterday, the World celebrated "World Tourism Day". The celebration coincided with Petion-Ville 175th year. A Ceremony was held to commemorate the day in Haiti.

  My only question is: How does the world view Haiti as a tourism destination?
Well if they try to look for us online, this would be our official web site: www.haititourisme.com . Could this be true or maybe someone has taken over the domain name, cause I am still doubting that this is our official web site. It used to be) This used to be a very beautiful web site maintained by InterMedia.

If in fact this is our official web site, Can someone PLEASE tell the minister of Tourism to post a note stating that the web site is UNDER CONSTRUCTION. There are many Haitians who would love to volunteer to help enhance the image of Haiti. (kudos for example to HaitiWeb, see http://haitiwebs.com/emagazine/ )

  Patrick Lucien

                  Jean-Patrick Lucien
Dream big. Do good. Live well.