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From: Greg Chamberlain <GregChamberlain@compuserve.com>

But then when we go to look at the article to check out the changes that
the 'white Stalinists and propagandists' have made, we find that they have
been edited away.

Not so.  They're still mostly intact on the key points.

And all the Wikipedia article's "references" and "external links" refer
to notorious apologists for Aristide.

When I look at the references, I see sources like the London Review of
Books, Yahoo News, Reuters, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the BBC . . .

I mentioned "references" and "external links" and (as of writing) these are
still almost entirely dominated by "notorious apologists for Aristide".
The ones Kondrat mentions are in another section, the "reference
footnotes".  And Paul Farmer counts as a "notorious apologist", whether he
writes in the London Review of Books or not.

I had no idea that the sinister pro-Aristide conspiracy was so vast.

We've seen their mass descents on Corbettland at various times over the
past few years.  These are the people who've shown quasi-religious
"partisanship and hatred."  They're as pointless to talk to as the Taliban
or the US's own religious fanatics who are so dangerously represented at
the summit of a supposedly secular government.

        Greg Chamberlain