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29302: (reply) Chamberlain: 29295: Holmstead (fwd) Re: 29290 (fwd)

From: Greg Chamberlain <GregChamberlain@compuserve.com>

to give proof about those who claimed Aristide had given Toussaint orders
to kill Dominique. I forwarded several articles to the list that clearly
showed RSF, AI and others had made much of that accusation

"claimed Aristide had given orders" ...

I'm virtually certain neither organisation made that claim.  They may have
reported that others had claimed or suspected he did, as part of a normal
review of the issue, but that's not the same.

The article about Pina's "mistreatment," of which he seems very proud
(winning "revolutionary" credentials), is entertaining, especially the part
where:  "Facing strong pressure from U.S. consular officials and Pina?s
American lawyer, the judge had no choice but to let him go"

Who'd've thought we would've seen such speedy resort to the forces of
American imperialism?

Filmmaker and journalist Kevin Pina blames the West for Haiti?s misery
?Haiti is not an easy beat, particularly if you?re covering human rights
abuses,? says American journalist and documentary filmmaker Kevin Pina.

As for "covering human rights abuses," his claim here (2002) that
investigation of the Jean Dominique murder was "creating confusion" speaks
for itself.  I am only sorry that journalist Christopher Hazou, evidently
knowing nothing about Haiti or Pina, saw fit to reproduce without question
Pina's assertions.

Pina was repeatedly questioned here, when he was a member of the List,
about whether he was working for the Aristide authorities and after much
evasion, denied he was.  It then turned out he was a senior figure at an
Aristide-controlled TV station.  He is more fairly described as a
propagandist than a journalist.  He has certainly been shown up on this
List many times for surprisingly elementary factual inaccuracies.

In the same vein, the article by Joe Emersberger about The Lancet row
posted the other day (29291)  is a classic.  Anyone who has signed up for
the Conspiracy Theorists 101 class should read it carefully to see the
amazing mental contortions and wild fantasies of these practitioners.
Corbetteer Charles Arthur, at the centre of the row, was once an
enthusiastic Aristide supporter.  He simply changed his mind on the basis
of solid evidence, as did countless others (including me).  So now he's
"the devil" and mercilessly (and comically) pilloried in the article.

As for our curiously anonymous Corbetteer "potemaksonje" who says (29296):

Here, I just found an article written by some of those evil reds, about
those evil Cuban Doctors in Haiti. Some may be forced to turn away from the

...he/she/it doesn't need to get so excited.  Ever since they arrived in
Haiti many years ago, the Cuban doctors have been warmly welcomed by both
Haitians and foreigners alike for the priceless work they've been doing.
I've not seen a word of criticism by any sane person, or indeed by anyone
at all.

        Greg Chamberlain