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29309: Vehicles for parliament (Discuss) from raber88@zoominternet.net (fwd)

From Raber

Here we go again! The Haitian government is once again getting ready to buy vehicles for members of parliament who (gasp) are having to take public transportation to go to work. Wouldn't that estimated 1.3 million dollars be better used to improve public transport? Maybe by quickly training some purely traffic police who would enforce reasonable driving laws? Why do Haitian governments feel obliged to buy these guys vehicles? They are well paid. A better route would be to enable them to purchase one vehicledduty-free (with taxes to be paid when they would re-sell). This way they would actually care for the vehicle. The government could arrange that a set amount be deducted from the worker's paycheck each month and sent to the car dealership and the insurance company insuring the vehicle for the duration of the elected official's term. They would quickly think Kia instead of Nissan Patrol. Where are the vehicles purchased by Aristide 1, Preval, Aristide 2 and Latortue governments?