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29330: Morse (response) Rob/Stu Culture (fwd)


I've been describing cultural activities, especially the Fet Patronals, since the Summer. Then people responded by saying that the Airport Rd was unsafe. Well, the airport road situation seems to have been taken care of for the most part.

If you're looking for cultural activities in Haiti come on down for the week starting October 31 finishing November five. All Saints Day, Day of The Dead, Guede ceremonies, bands, parties, also a cultural festival in Jacmel honoring Mme Nerva, etc, etc.

Then there's the Jacmel Film Festival at the end of November which should be even more packed than it was last year. I hear celebrities will be coming into the country for the Film Festival. Asgar Leth's film "Ghosts of Cite Soleil" should be quite an attraction. I'm hoping our friend in South Africa isn't angered by the film.

Most of the activities in Haiti are attended by locals and resident foreigners, not people coming into the country. I can tell because the band has been gigging quite a bit through the Summer. The first week of November, we, RAM, will have gigs in Petionville, Jacmel, Gressier, Port-au-Prince, Laboule and then back to Jacmel.

For the first time in many years we can say here in Haiti that "this year is better than last year". It's not utopian society yet but we have taken some strides.

I think it's good to air out the nasty political stuff on the list. Get it off our chests; but sometimes I notice that all the political talk doesn't reflect the reality on the streets. Things are calm in most of the country but I will say one thing; Economy, economy, economy. People need work. People need jobs. School activity is there but not the way it should be. A lot of people can't afford to send their kids. My morning commute right now takes half the time it does when school is in full swing.

Richard Morse
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