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29334" Simidor (comment) Re: 29333: Karshan: ANNOUNCEMENT: Alternative Chance (criminal deportee program) to give awards at benefit in NYC (fwd)

From: Daniel Simidor

Given the abysmal record of the criminal deportees to
Haiti (drug running, gangs, kidnappings, etc.), I have
a hard time figuring out what solidarity with these
gentlemen actually means, besides wagging a finger at
them: you shall not kidnap, you shall not kill!  What
else have ?Ten Years of Services & Advocacy for
Haiti's Criminal Deportees? from Alternative Chance?s
"self-help, peer counseling and advocacy program?
accomplished, I wonder, that merit ?an Awards Dinner
and Fundraiser in downtown Brooklyn??

I?m against the US throwing its ?human trash? in Haiti
and other oppressed countries, but that?s not what
this ?evening of solidarity, networking, Haitian food
and entertainment? is about.  Nice networking, BTW, if
everybody on that long list of awardees is actually
aware of this endeavor!