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29358: Hermantin (comment) Re: 29334" Simidor (comment) Re: 29333: Karshan (fwd)

From: leonie hermantin <lhermantin@hotmail.com>

I first met Michelle Karshan at Canape Vert Hospital when Marleine Bastien and I went to visit a young Haitian American man, a US citizen, mistakenly deported to Haiti. He was HIV positive and had developped full blown AIDS. Since most family members had left for the states he was basically left with no care taker . Michelle Karshan came forward and cared for him until he was returned to Miami. When we visited him, he was feverish, emaciated and dying. Michelle Karshan was right there at his side being the stereotypical bossy, pushy white American woman, ordering the medical staff around and demanding that they make his last days as pleasant as possible.

I met her again a few years later, when I was approached in Miami, by a mother whose son was sent back to Haiti. Again, he was basically on his own and she needed to enroll him in a school or program. I contacted Ms. Karshan via e-mail requesting information and she called back immediately. As per the mother, Ms. Karshan kept in touch, visiting the son and reporting back to the mother. I am not sure about the final resolution of the problem but the feedback from the parent was that she and her son were treated with the utmost care and respect.

I am making no endorsement of her organization, just stating that when it came to repatriated youth ( who are not all kidnappers and drug dealers) Michelle Karshan was there to fill a gap, meeting a need which should have been addressed by government.


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