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29375: Leiderman: job announcement: food aid, Haiti and elsewhere (fwd)

Stuart Leiderman <leiderman@mindspring.com>

dear Readers:

this job announcement just received from friends at Oxford University, UK.
application needs to be filed by November 10.  experience in Haiti a plus,
as described below.


Stuart Leiderman

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From: Forced Migration List <fmlist@QUEEN-ELIZABETH-HOUSE.OXFORD.AC.UK>
Sent: Oct 24, 2006 10:06 AM
Subject: FEWS NET Livelihoods Advisor position

The Food Economy Group (www.foodeconomy.com) is currently recruiting to
fill the position of FEWS NET Livelihoods Advisor. The position is funded
under contract with the US Agency for International Development, and is
currently programmed to continue through September 30, 2010. Qualified
candidates should respond to the below scope of work by November 10, 2006
with an expression of interest, resume, salary history, and references
emailed to recruit@foodeconomy.com. For more information on FEWS NET,
please visit www.fews.net.

Scope of Work
FEWS NET Livelihoods Advisor

The Livelihoods Advisor is the principal technical focal point on the
Washington, DC-based FEWS NET Technical Team in the area of
livelihoods-based food security analysis. The Advisor provides technical
leadership, guidance, and support to FEWS NET staff, the Technical Team and
to more than 25 FEWS NET field offices - in the area of livelihoods
analysis. The Livelihood Advisor is an integral part of the Technical Team,
which collectively coordinates and manages FEWS NET activities worldwide
under the direction of the FEWS NET Chief of Party.

The Livelihoods Advisor is responsible for the following:

- Provides leadership on the development and implementation of FEWS NET's
livelihoods analysis approach, based upon continual review of lessons
learned in the field, review of current relevant literature, ongoing
dialogue with USAID, and collaboration with key partner institutions (e.g.,

- Supports field staff in conducting livelihoods activities, from the
provision of appropriate training and guidance materials, through
supporting training, implementation, analysis, usage, and maintenance of
the FEWS NET livelihood analytic framework.

- Supports field staff and works closely with the Technical Team on
integrating livelihoods work into country-level analytical activities
(e.g., establishment of national decision support calendars and strategies,
development of national and regional food security frameworks, conduct of
annual vulnerability and needs assessments, conduct of seasonal monitoring,
emergency needs assessments and special/thematic studies) and into country
and Washington-level communications and decision support activities (e.g.,
monthly reports, alerts, special studies, briefings to USAID).

- Provides leadership on the development and strengthening of appropriate
training and guidance materials for conducting livelihoods work, through
active contributions from FEWS NET field offices and partners, the input of
senior livelihood experts, and other members of the FEWS NET team.

- Works with the team to strengthen linkages between livelihoods work and
other FEWS NET activities, including surge and extended-mode activities, as
well as trade and markets analysis.

- Works with the Technical Team to ensure data and information management
system development takes full account of information needs and objectives
related to livelihoods.

- Works with the Technical Team to review field reports and information
products for consistency and accuracy in application of livelihoods
terminology and analysis.

- Coordinates the planning and programming of livelihoods based, short-term
technical assistance to FEWS NET field offices. Monitors and manages
available resources across FEWS NET contracts to support livelihoods

The Livelihoods Advisor reports to the COP. The Livelihoods Advisor will
provide overall technical supervision and support to livelihoods activities
undertaken by FEWS NET regional representatives or country representatives.
Thus s/he supervises livelihoods activities (working closely with the
Coordinator on the Technical Team), but staff undertaking livelihoods work
do not report to him/her, they report to their line managers.

Qualifications should include:

- Seven (7) years of experience in food security-related work in low-income
settings, with experience working with the U.N., NGOs and/or government
information systems
- Experience working in Africa preferred; experience in Afghanistan, Haiti and
Central America a plus
- Excellent technical writing and communication/presentational skills
- Training skills preferred
- A Masters degree or equivalent in an area relevant to food security
information (public health/food security, rural economics, agricultural
economics, international development, anthropology, etc.)
- Familiarity with the household food economy approach; direct experience
- Familiarity with a range of common food security monitoring and assessment
approaches and techniques
- Administrative project management skills highly desired
- French and/or Spanish language skills in addition to fluency in English
- Flexibility, energy, motivation, conviction and drive
- American citizen or green card holder preferred