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29380: lyall (comment ) Vers le Sud (fwd)

From: Jd Lyall <postmaster@lyalls.net>

We saw Vers le Sud last night at the Minor Theatre in Arcata.
There were 5 or 6 other people in the hall.

Madamn was surprized to see that it was actually in Hayti, even though I told her about it. From listening to reports here I thought that the whole thing was done in the DR. All the street scenes were haytian. We recognized Centreville, Delmas 33, PetionVille market.

The setting is the 'fin de 1970's' when the infrastructure was much better than today and crowding far less, but the typical viewer would not know that. I guess the scenes at the Hotel were done at a Dominican hotel. They could easily have used a luxo beach hotel in the Sud, or around the Goaves. Too bad. Maybe they couldn't have kept the beach empty of gawkers.

So, we enjoyed the taste of home. There were english sub-titles during the kreyol et french parts. Should have been french sub-titles during the english parts.