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29395: Senou: (Comment) A Call to organize the Haitian Nationals in the U. S. (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

A Call to organize the Haitian Nationals in the U. S.

Today my friends, we are seeking ways to get our
community together.  Your first question would be, I?m
not familiar with this new environment, and I just
moved or relocated. The person you are communicating
with via email is the answer to your question.

Today some of you are meeting people with skills and
abilities that you were not aware of but living
peacefully in this virtual community. Whether you were
born in or outside of Haiti, there are similarities
and differences among us. It is impossible for
everyone to think and react the same.  There is
something of values that link us: common language and
culture, we just have to adjust ourselves to live up
and to meet the challenge of our new environment.
Clearly, Metro Atlanta, California, New Orleans,
Jacksonville, Denver are new environment for most of
us except for the young generation. We are all
familiar with Miami, Montreal and NY, our presence in
Atlanta, California, Denver, New Orleans, and
Jacksonville is expected to increase tremendously, we
shall take notes about all good things and bad things
that had taken place in those areas and create the
first structural Haitian Link in the world.

Can we do it? Without a doubt, we all have our
personal agenda and we are seeking tied or get
involved in areas where one can accomplish that goal.
There is nothing wrong with that and that?s the way it
should be. Yes, we can. By now, you shall know that
nobody had ever succeeded alone; somebody somewhere
did help you out.

	Our national heroes: Dessalines, Capois, Christophe,
Petion, Charlemagne Peralte, ? and our super HERO
Toussaint Louverture, could not accomplish what they
have done without others involvement. In life, learn
to play by the rules, remember, idea never died,
something may be presented ahead of its time but in
due time it will comeback again. Remember, a famous
Education Minister in Haiti, Joseph C. Bernard, he had
proposed for the Haitian Students to learn Creole in
school, his idea was backfire, he had lost his Cabinet
post, today everywhere Creole our national language is
taught in every single school in the nation.

My friends in the coming months, some of you will take
part to create that Link. Everything you see anywhere
in the world comes from an idea; it takes dedicated
people who believe in the cause to make it happen.  A
former US president, Mr. John F. Kennedy, after seeing
the Sputnik, a soviet space craft cruising the space,
had challenged the US scientists in saying ?Before the
end of this decade, American will send a man in the
moon and return safely in earth? my friends, he did
not take long for Neil Armstrong to set his foot on
the moon.

Ogé et Chavanne said: ? the Human rights shall be for
all? and revolted against slavery in Haiti, they were
killed but the idea for our sweet home to become a
free country had never stopped since.

My friends, Human being cannot prosper without
challenge. Today, I challenge each and everyone to
create the first Haitian Link in the world. If you are
those who believe in change, you will support it.
My friends, we are an ethnic group living in the
United States of America, like the Jamaicans, the
Jews, the Spanish, the Italians, the Irish, and the
Cubans and so on. I believe they are proud of their
heritage, it is impossible to find a Cuban born
anywhere in the world and does not speak Spanish;
Jamaicans everywhere they go, they bring with them
their beautiful Jamaican Culture, the Jews under
persecution never denied their identity, when these
folks have some opportunities: Guess where they go for
their first trip: Destination: Israel. And when their
country faces financial difficulties, they team up
together and bail it out.

Over half million of Haitians are living currently in
the U.S. and Canada, over 400 thousands are in the
workforce more than the population of many small
countries in the Caribbean, and why they cannot really
assist Haiti?

Why? There is no structure. Some of you are bragging
yourselves and saying that Haitians succeed in the
U.S., Canada and many other countries. Now, try to put
all these successful Haitians together. You can
speculate of the expected result. Why?

The structure that you see in the U.S. and many other
countries, some folks have to work hard for it. For
instance, you can see two people who may have a total
distaste toward each other work well in the same
company: school system for example where the Principal
and the Assistant Principal may be arch enemies but
they work well. Why? there is a structure in place.

My friends, we can work together without being friend
and if you are going to work only with your friend for
a community issue, a state issue or a country, Good

Again, I believe from the bottom of my heart that we
Haitians won?t go anywhere today, tomorrow and forever
if we do not organize ourselves and respect the
democratic principles. We must be tolerant; we must
accept each other and respect each other. We must
treat everyone with the ultimate respect. Selective
respect is no respect at all.

It is about time for Haitians to put aside their
indifferences, it is about time for Haitians to put
aside  ?le moi? and join hands together to put some
structures in place and ipso facto pave the way for a
flourished Haitian Community in their respective area.
We need to put an end of that sigma to be the last and
poorest everywhere we are.

Today, you receive this call, the Jews have received a
call similar to that one in the 1960?s, they work on
it and today they are the most organized ethnic group
in the U.S. The Nigerians received a call similar to
this one 15 years ago and today their presence is
strong in the U.S.

A Link is necessary and you are called to be among the
pioneers to make it becoming a reality.  The Ball is
on your court and it is up to you to make a move. Are
you going to shoot or are you going to drop it. If you
try at least you have a chance to make a basket and if
you drop it, you have zero chance. A wise person will
take a chance.

A basketball in the hand of Michael Jordan may worth a
million and the same ball in the hand of Sami Sosa may
worth nothing. However a baseball bat in the hand of
Sami Sosa may worth millions and the same bat in the
Hand of Michael Jordan may worth nothing. He was
trying baseball and he was doing very poorly and this
is something that you have to look into.

(Linking Haitian Nationals and Friends of Haiti in the
U.S., Canada and other parts of the world) and this
can be done in various ways but the best way is to
organize within the city, county, state, region and
then national and use the democratic principles.

My friend, organization is the key. Who is the
national leader for the Haitian Nationals in the U.S.?
Who is the National Leader for the Cubans or the Jews
in the U.S.? If I travel to Tampa and interested on
some info on Haitian who should I contact? For
instance, if you travel to Atlanta or Tampa and
interested in Jew issue, the Jew federation of greater
Atlanta will provide you all the required information.

If we were organized, a delegation of 5 to7 could have
represented the Haitian-American in the presidential
inauguration. Hopefully, we will organize on time for
the next presidential inauguration which should take
place 5 years from now.

Mother Theresa once said: ?If we are not concerned
about who get the credit, many things could have been
accomplished in this world.?

My friend, you can play a big role in making this
great idea becoming a reality. There is no question
that there are issues that need to be resolved and
tensions that need to be lessened, but we are very
confident that with prayer, good will and dialogue we
can join hands together and work constructively to
assist our community, our district, our state, our
nation and in the long run provided assistance to the
mother land and ipso facto making Haiti once again ?La
Perle des Antilles?. You have a ball in your hand,
bounce it twice and take a shot.
 Second Annual Symposium on Haiti in Atlanta on
Saturday, June 16, 2007 from noon to 9 PM at the
Auburn Avenue Research Library: Are you interested to
speak, discussing your paper/work or sharing a panel
or just attend the conference?

The Unity Conference
Framework: Second Annual Symposium on Haiti: The Unity

THEME: Bringing Haitians and friends of Haiti
Haiti 2006-2007: A Decisive Year: How can Haitian
Nationals and friends of Haiti interested in the
development of Haiti shift their paradigm from poverty
reduction to the production of wealth? How can the
Haitian Diaspora be mobilized and engaged to support
the motherland?
Realizing the vision of our motto: equality and
fraternity, L?Union fait la force.
Identify a common goal that can be the base of
reiterating that historical Union that took place on
May 18, 1803 and Providing keys strategies to unify
the Haitian people under that goal.

WHEN: Saturday, June 16, 2007 from noon to 9 PM
WHERE: The Auburn Avenue Research Library
101 Auburn Avenue
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Joseph Alfred
P. O.  BOX  1022
Douglasville, GA 30133-1022
Phone: 770-262-6621

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