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29409: walton (comment)29404: Sylvain: (reply) RE: 29403: Desselle (asks) Kreyol Translation of (fwd)

From: Robert <rawalton0@excite.com>

"The Prince" is a timeless classic. Author Jisten has done Haitians a great service.  Unfortunately, his work lacks web presence worthy of his effort and is almost impossible to locate without the use of Kreyol spellings.  With Kreyol lexicography in flux, the task of locating this work is daunting.

Perhaps a Corbett list member could coordinate with MR Silvain or the author Jisten to enter it into a web-based bibliography of Kreyol works to increase its exposure and (hopefully), its demand.


RE RE:Raymond Justin (Remon Jisten) translated and adapted itI'll forward the info to him or you can contact me for his number

RE: I work at the Italian Academy at Columbia University. I understand<br>>that "The Prince" by Niccolo Machiavelli is available in Kreyol.<br>>Can anyone provide more information

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