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29431: Jens Poppen - asking for contact details (interviewees) - Aristide biography (fwd)

Jens Poppen Jens_Poppen@yahoo.com, J.Poppen@lse.ac.uk

  Dear Corbetters

I am currently working on a political biography of Jean-Bertrand Aristide and was hoping that list members might be able to help me with contact details (email, tel. or postal address) of people on my list of interviewees.

I would appreciate if you could have a look at the name list below and email me any information or suggestion you may have as to how to get in touch with them.

  Many thanks.

[Corbett asks:  PLEASE, if you are replying to Jens please do so at
his address above, not to this note.  Thanks. ]

Abraham, Hérard Alexandre, Guy (fmr. Coordinator of the Initiatives Democratiques)
  Antonio, Joseph Philippe (fmr. Haitian Foreign Minister under Aristide
  Apaid, André
  Arana, Ana
  Augustin, Jean-Gabriel , former Haitian Ambassador to Jamaica,
  Baker, Charles Henry
  Bazin, Marc
  Beauvoir, Max, (fmr. Head of the Bode Nasyonal)
  Boulos, Reginald
  Casimir, Jean (fmr. Ambassador to the U.S.)
  Debussy, Damier (fmr. Member of the Haitian Electoral Commission)
  Déjean, Paul (fmr. Cabinet Minister)
  Denis, Paul (fmr Convergence Démocratique)
  Denizé, Pierre (fmr. HNP Police Chief)
Deronceray, Hubert Desroches, Rosny (fmr. President of the Fondation Haitienne de l'Enseignement Prive) Dupiton, Thomas Eddy (fmr. Senator Faubert, Gustave (fmr. Minister of the Economy and Finance)
  Gaillard, Micha
  Gaillot, Jacques, fmr. Bishop of Évreux
  Gilles, Serge
  Gourgue, Gérard
  Jean-Baptiste, Chavannes (Mouvement des Paysans de Papaye)
  Joseph, Luc Eucher (fmr. General Inspector, Haitian National Police)
  Karshan, Michelle
Lafortune, Maurice (fmr. Vice president of the Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie d’Haïti)
  Leblanc, Edgard (fmr. President of the Haitian Senate)
  Leblanc, Camille (fmr. Lavalas Minister for Justice)
  Lissade, Garry (fmr ‘Duvalierist’ and justice minister under Aristide)
  Longchamp, Fritz (fmr. Haitian Foreign Minister in 2000)
  Malval, Robert
  Manigat, Leslie
  Manuel, Robert (fmr. Haitian Secretary of State for Public Security)
  Manus, Leon (fmr. President of Haiti's Electoral Commission)
  Menard, Henry-Claude (fmr. Lavalas Interior Minister)
  Mesadieu, Luc (fmr. Leader of Mouvement Chrétien pour une Nouvelle Haïti)
  Michel, Smarck
  Miot, Joseph Serge (fmr. Commission Episcopale Justice et Paix)
Mondestin, Rosny (fmr. Senator and leader of the Mouvement de la Reconstruction) National MRN
  Montas, Michèle
  Nadal, Olivier
  Nau, Jean-Jacques ‘Jackie’ (fmr. Police Commissioner)
  Parent, Clark (fmr. Leader of Parti Démocrate Haïtien)
  Paul, Evans
  Peck, Raoul
  Petit, Jonas (fmr. Lavalas spokesman)
  Pierre, Guy (fmr. Haitian Ambassador to the OAS)
  Pierre-Charles, Gérard (Organisation du Peuple en Lutte)
Pierre-Louis, Seth Rev, (fmr. President of the Fédération Protestante d’Haïti)
  Philippe, Guy
  Privert, Jocelerme (fmr. Lavalas Minister of the Interior)
  Roumain, Claude
  Simeon, Yvon, (former Haitian Foreign Minister, Interim Government)
  Smarth, Rosny (fmr. Haitian Prime Minister, 1997)
  Toussaint, Dany
  Wilentz, Amy

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