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29444: Karshan (news) US base claims [in DR] denied (DR1) (fwd)

From: Michelle Karshan <michelle.karshan@gmail.com>

*DR1 Nov 3 2006

11. US base claims denied
*The Armed Forces Minister is denying reports that a US military base is
being built in the DR, as was reported in many news and media outlets
yesterday, and said that doing so would harm the country's sovereignty. Rear
Admiral Hector Lizardo Jorge told Listin Diario that the confusion probably
arose when Lieutenant General Ramon Aquino Garcia attended the new US
Southern Command chief's appointment ceremony, where increased cooperation
between the two nations was discussed. Jorge says that the installation of
equipment donated by the US at the Joint Operations Center at the Ministry
of Armed Forces headquarters could have also contributed to the confusion.

Michelle Karshan