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29480: Jens Poppen - request/clarification - Aristide bio (fwd)

Jens U. Poppen

  Dear Corbetters

I am afraid that I should have made it clearer when posting my research note on the list that this was not a complete list of interviewees for the Aristide bio. It therefore does appear fairly unbalanced as many more Aristide critics appear on it than supporters or people sympathetic to his cause and policies.

However, only those who I couldn't locate and contact yet appear on the list. Again, it is not a final selection of primary sources.

It goes without saying that I will make every effort to give 'both sides' equal space to give me their take on the subject and I have already contacted or am planning to talk to people such as Brian Concannon, Paul Farmer, Irwin Stotzky, Ira Kurzban, Amy Goodman, Noam Chomsky and Kim Yves as well.


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