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29511: Labrom: (reply) re 29506 Jacqui Labrom says she's still here!! (fwd)

From: voyageslumiere@haitelonline.com

From Jacqui Labrom

What a wonderful small world the Corbett list is. If you can't find someone, you send a message out and even if that person doesn't see it then someone else will send it to them.

So yes I'm still here - just a few communication problems - computers etc.

The concept of service in Haiti is quite foreign!!! You can have a big store like Casami who sell you a Generator but don't want to solve the problem when it goes wrong. You have a store like CompHaiti who say, yes they've fixed the problem, and then lo and behold, right in front of them the problem is still there!!

It would be great to have an association like 'Better business Bureau' or something to whom you could go and complain and have some recourse to get good service!! But alas - no such luck.

Jacqui Labrom

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