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29512: Educa (announce) Schedule at the Miami Book fair (fwd)

From: EDUCA@aol.com

Press  Release
Educa  Vision and  Caribbean Studies Press
at the  2006 Miami  International Book Fair
954 968 7433
Nov. 14, 2006
Visit us at Booth #  363

Educa Vision in collaboration with The Florida Center for the Literary  Arts
(The Center) at Miami Dade  College, along with  numerous community leaders
invite the community to the  2006 Miami Book Fair International.  Authors
scheduled to appear at this year’s Fair, which will take place November 17 – 19,
include Isabel Allende.
The MBFI is a premier event  of the Florida Center for the Literary Arts at
Miami Dade College.
For more information about the 2006 Miami Book  Fair International, visit the
website at _www.miamibookfair.com_ (http://www.miamibookfair.com/) ,
For information about Educa vision  visit the website at  www.educavision.com
For in formation about Caribbean Studies press,  visit
Sunday Nov 18 2006
Building 3, third Floor, ROOM 3315

Panel 1;
Time: 2:00PM
Book 1
The  Caribbean from Above
An  Interpretive Atlas
Timothy Brothers, Ph.D.; Jeffrey  Wilson, Ph.D., and Owen Dwyer, Ph.D.,
Indiana University-Purdue University,  Indianapolis
A new kind  of atlas of the island Caribbean, based on the  latest satellite
imagery and graphic modeling technique, and supplemented by  original
cartography and photography. This regional atlas is a selective introduction to
Caribbean landscape diversity,  showing underlying patterns and characteristics
without ignoring the uniqueness  of individual places. Environmental, cultural,
and historic influences are shown  in depth.
Presenter: Carol Hollander
Book 2
Revolutionary  Freedoms
A  History of Survival, Strength, and Imagination in Haiti
Edited  by Cecile  Accilien, Ph.D., Columbus State University; Jessica Adams,
Ph.D., University of  California-Berkeley; and Elmide Meleance, Montgomery
County (MD)  Schools
This new  perspective on Haitian history features essays that augment the
historical  paintings of renowned contemporary Haitian-American artist, Ulrick
Jean-Pierre.  Poet, playwright, and scholar Kamau Brathwaite has written the
powerful Foreword  to this volume, which combines scholarship, experience, and
inspiration to  reveal the complex history of the island of Hispaniola.
Presenter and Chapter contributor: Margaret Armand
Panel 2;
Time: 3:30 PM
Book 1
Le Peintre Hervé Lebreton et la Politique de la Femme
Gérard Etienne
L’auteur immortalise Hervé Lebreton, non seulement pour sa contribution à l’
art haitien,  à l’art antillais  mais ausi pour son impact sur la scéne
artistique du monde. Gérard Etienne explore l’inspiration et la rendition de
Lebreton à travers une incursion  dans la mythologie Afro-Egyptienne
pré-coloniale. L’auteur a eu recours aux éléments de l’anthropologie, de l’histoire, de
la philosophie, de la psychanalyse et de la sémiologie pour  analyser l’
ensemble de l’oeuvre de Lebreton.
Presenter: Fequiere Vilsaint
Book 2
Franck Etienne (guest panelist)
Individual speaking times to be 15-20 minutes in length. The talks will
conclude with Q&A sessions, followed by book signings.
The International Pavilions gets underway celebrating  cultural diversity.
The literature, fine art, music, and culinary traditions of  HAITI, Brazil,
China,  Dominican Republic,  Israel, and  Spain, will be on display through
Sunday, Nov. 19. The World Art Gallery will showcase artwork by artists from the
featured countries.
The Haitian Cultural Arts  Alliance is facilitating the Haiti Pavilion at the
Miami Book Fair International  (MBFI) from Thursday, November 16 through
Sunday, November 19, 2006 .  HCAA  is bringing to fruition this year’s theme
Haitian Memoirs. HCAA will honor and celebrate Haitian authors and publishers at
the 2006 MBFI.
In the International Pavillion, some Educa Vision authors will present
FRIDAY Nov 17, 2pm
Monique  Jean-Gilles author of TI-BELO, A Haitian Folktales for children.
SUNDAY Nov. 19, 1:30 PM
Max Manigat author of Le Creole du Nord, 1:30 pm
Florida-based Educa Vision Inc. (EVI) designs, develops, publishes, and
distributes a broad range of Haitian-related educational materials for use in
Haiti, United States, Canada and the Caribbean area. The materials are available
in several  media including books, posters, charts, computer programs,
audio/video tapes,  CD-ROM. Some are bilingual others are in English or Haitian
Additionally, EVI provides a broad range of integrated services such as
curriculum development, users' manual and training packages to organizations.
Areas of experiences are: Public Health, distance education, formal/informal
education, adult education, environmental education, animators' manual,
micro-credit packages, library development etc. Format used are books, audio tapes,
video tapes, CD-Rom, web delivery etc.
EVI has more than 400 titles. It has strength in Language arts, science,
social sciences and mathematics. Additionally it has a wide range of public
health education materials ranging from, nutrition, STD prevention, high blood
pressure, diabetes . . . to elephantiasis.
The company founder, Féquière Vilsaint is Haitian born. He started the
company in 1991 while still a researcher at the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
department of the University of South Florida (USF), in Tampa, FL. Three
years later he left USF to devote  his resources to expand EVI.
EVI core staff is supplemented by professionals with a wide range of
7550 NW 47th  Avenue
Coconut Creek, FL. 33073
Tel: 954 968  7433; Fax: 954 970 0330
e-mail: _educa@aol.com_ (mailto:educa@aol.com)
_www.educavision.com_ (http://www.educavision.com/)
_www.caribbeanstudiespress.com_ (http://www.caribbeanstudiespress.com/)

Fequiere  Vilsaint, Publisher
Educa Vision Inc.
Caribbean Studies Press
7550 NW  47th Avenue
Coconut Creek, FL 33073
954 968 7433
_www.educavision.com_ (http://www.educavision.com/)