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29560: Bellegarde-Smith: 2 new books/ KOSANBA TWINS BORN! (fwd)

From: Patrick D Bellegarde-Smith <pbs@csd.uwm.edu>

Nota Bene: "KOSANBA" is a scholarly association for the study of Haitian
Vodou, created Ten years ago at UC-Santa Barbara. (P.B.-S.)

Dear aunts and uncles:

	We announce the birth of the marasa, "Kosanba" and "Kosanbo" -- a
boy and a girl, born in November 2006 after a very long gestation period!
They weighed just a few ounces at birth. Both mother and father are doing

	Mother, of course, has seen the twins, but father -- having been
hospitalized by these birth pangs -- has'nt seen the babies yet! He muses
that he may see them when these children are ready to "head for college."
That's it! Make sure that Kosanbo and Kosanba make it to all your
colleges and universities and into your classrooms!

	The names of our beloved ibejis? (Kosanba?) "Haitian Vodou:
SPIRIT, MYTH AND REALITY (Indiana University Press, 2006), (Kosanbo?)
INVISBLE POWERS: Vodou in Haitian Life and Culture (Palgrave McMillan,
2006). Two different hospitals!!!

	Can the dosa be far behind?

	Our first born, "FRAGMENTS OF BONE," is doing well, and is
learning to deal with her augmented family!