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29574: Leiderman: reference: ears-and-eyes openers, radio tomorrow (fwd)

Stuart Leiderman <leiderman@mindspring.com>

27 November 2006

dear Readers:

forwarding this announcement of a radio program (also online) tomorrow afternoon with colleagues Jackson Voltaire and Willot Joseph of Haiti Gouvernance, an organization working in the Northwest region.  in view of the continuing serious storms and floods in the region, detailed in UN's Humanitarian Coordinator's Office in Haiti "Humanitarian Situation Report" of October, <www.reliefweb.int/library/document/2006/ocha-hti-31oct.pdf>, this could be a timely interview.

I can't seem to get past the radio's homepage to find a call-in number for the show, but the vitals are: E-mail: alex@radiomega.net. CARREFOUR WRHB 1020 AM. 4080 SW 145 Avenue. Pembroke Pines, FL 33027. Phone (954) 447-1794. Fax (954) 438-6632

I've also just come across the Haiti projects page for the InterAmerican Development Bank; it'll tells what's been hot and what's not, in terms of active and prospective contracts for services the past few years.  some items are surprising to me [you may have to splice this address together]:
oddly, with all the donor hullabaloo, only three IADB contracts have been offered this year, although there may be others somewhere else on the website, because elsewhere tonight, I found one due tomorrow that seeks an organization to coordinate health services in Jean-Rabel.  it's IADB project number 1105145, but I can't find the details yet.  I don't know anyone who's systematically monitoring offerings like this for Haiti from varioius agencies, banks, etc.

thank you,

Stuart Leiderman

From: Jackson Voltaire <voltairejackson@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: Radio show

 <snip> Willot and I will be working in preparing a radio presentation for
 tomorrow afternonn (3:00 to 4:00PM). Haiti Gouvernance has received an
 invitation to be the guest of the most-listened radio show in South
 Florida (radio mega). The show will be in creole but you can listen to it
 online at www.radiomega.net