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29581: Seitz replies: Re: 29554: McDonnell: reply re Durban 29519 Kidneys (fwd)

From: suzanneseitz@comcast.net

Hello again from Kenya.

Kidney machines are certainly a must, but let's address...

this incredibly worthwhile suggestion from Bill McDonnell, obvious, practical, but almost ignored.

It seems the Haitians never fully realize the incredible gifts they have, which can be true really with all artists. The idea that a whole country is unbelievably creatively blessed is so unique, and certainly not capitalized on enough to distribute the impact it deserves.

To label the talents as "crafts" is an injustice. From years of experience, I truly believe that most, yes most, Haitians can make anything, and expanding on this natural talent is mind-boggling.

Here, in Africa, I see where it all comes from, but somehow, Haitians have taken it even further. The world should never stop knowing this, and let it please benefit a country who desperately needs that boost in self-image, plus the obvious revenue generated.

Organize and promote what is Haiti's greatest natural resource? Yes. Make it a priority.

 Sue Seitz