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29728: kathleen (preliminary list)Fw: 29706: Pierre (Reply) Re: 29691: Urban (reply) Lance Durban's post of 29684 (fwd)

From: Kathleen Burke <kathleenmb@adelphia.net>
     (reply)  Lance Durban's post of 29684 (fwd)

Regarding those contributing to Haiti the "bourgeois" - the engine in the middle, according to both French and English definitions, neither poor nor filthy rich: .

Just offhand, I can think of these::

Jean Dominique.
Michelle Montas.

Jacques Roche.   The tortured killed journalist.

Nancy Roc, whose exposes earned her death threats and she finally left in fear, depriving Haiti of informed reports.

Now, what would you call Chavannes JnBaptiste? He is peasant-born in Bassin Zim, deep in Central Plateau (you know, that area of Haiti 75 miles from PortauPrince up steep hill, with only one road, often impassable in rainy season), head of organization (MPP), educated, more than one home, has done so much for Haiti - now, he was born poor to illiterate parents who made sure all of their eight children received educations - M.D., ph.D. among them. He and his brother Bazelais speak six languages, like Aristide. Many MPP members were killed during Cedras regime, supporting Aristide (Chavannes delivered peasant vote for Aristide, who wasted no time - betrayed him and the peasants.) So where is Chavannes and MPP members, many of them do not read or write?.

Then, there are the musicians: Coupé Cloué, Dadou Pasquet, Nemours Jn Baptiste, the Beaubruns (comedian father), Michel Martelly (whose brother in law Georges runs key cybercafe in Hinche - business owners are bourgeois. And artists. Takes some money to eat and buy artistic supplies.