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30049: Deibert (response) Emersberger~Rs Canadian Bacon

From michaeldeibert@gmail.com:

If one would like to know a little more about the "work" of Amanus Mayette's
Bale Wouze organization during early 2004, I direct them to the following
articles (none authored by me):

"Town taken from rebels feels heat of reprisal"
By Marika Lynch, The Miami Herald, 24 February 2004

"The La Scierie Massacre"
By Anne Fuller, Le Nouvelliste, 17 April 2005

It was actually the gang leader Robinson "Labanye" Thomas, not me, who spoke
of Annette "So Anne" Auguste's alleged role in the murder of Jean Dominique
in an interview with Radio Vision 2000 in 2004, shortly before his own
murder. Likewise, it was Johnny Occilius (a former employee of ex-FRAPH
attaché and Aristide-appointed mayor of Cite Soleil Fritz Joseph) and former
deputy mayor of Port-au-Prince Jean-Michard Mercier who referred to
Auguste's alleged involvement in the disappearance of the Nanoune Myrthil
infant, in interviews on Radio Kiskeya and Radio Metropole, respectively, in

As to the Znet articles Mr. Emersberger cites, I actually alluded to them
(as well as the efforts of the political current Mr. Emersberger belongs to
in denying René Préval his rightful place at the ballot box) here:

Time to Support Haiti
By Michael Deibert, 23rd April 2006

People can read about the violent, criminal and perjury-laden histories of
some of those who denounce me there, as well, which might explain a lot. So
much for non-violence.

As I don't find myself as endlessly fascinating as some of my obsessive
critics apparently do, and as the rest of what Mr. Emersberger has to say is
more or less self-discrediting,  I think I will leave it at that. I will
say, though that it's very easy to lecture people who live and have lived in
Haiti about the reality of Haiti from places like Canada or California. On
the ground, things looked and look rather different and quite a bit more

Btw, Bob, could you reiterate your policy about not allowing personal
attacks, even on new list members?

Michael Deibert