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30802: minsky report from norms place labadie village (fwd)

From: tminsky@ix.netcom.com

royal caribbean employs over 100 from labadie village
200 including infomal sector

in the shadow literally of these huge cruise lines a haitian village
looks just the same as others

a water delivery system is planned for the village treated potable

community organizing
group process
having people work together for the common good in spite of differences`political relgious etc is a goal for this project which Ãncidentally includes metered water

training in community organiz a component of the program

there is a huge artizan market  at the private labadize beach

 with the usual
huge potential for sales
all the boothssell the same stuff and lots of stuff including embroidered`
clothes and the beautiful batiked scarfs fro, la gonave--not for sale

metals and cheap ptgs in abundance`

bitten alive