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#1165:...but IS Haiti your country? Miale replies

From: Walter Miale <wmiale@acbm.qc.ca>

I didn't see this on the list. (It was submitted on11-19.) Shouldn't it
have been posted? Isn't the issue pretty basic?


>Blaming U.S. "domination" for Haiti's ills is
>unrealistic. Are Americans robbing and killing
>Haitians in the streets of PAP? Are Americans making
>money off of the backs of poor, un/under-educated
>Haitians in Haiti?

>...How much better off is the
>life of an average Haitian since the times of slavery?

Don't these questions have to be considered in the context of history?
Doesn't historyshow  the most egregious pressure on Haiti from Uncle
Sam-from economic ostracization through much of the 19th century, through
the nightmare of Woodrow Wilson's bloody occupation, through U.S. support
of the Duvaliers and of macoutism, up at least through Toto Constant on
Uncle's payroll, up through training of the new police over the head of the
Haitian government, and up through pressure for the Haitian government to
divest itself of national assets, up through...?

And indeed, poor Haitians are available for factory work at what?--25 cents
and hour?

Walter Miale