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#3633: Reported Lynn Garrison Sightings (fwd)

From: kevin pina <cariborganics@hotmail.com>

Keywords: Lynn Garrison, Infohaiti.com, RadioTropic FM, Haitian Army

Just got back and found this ironic little story that has apparently been 
receiving more attention here the past few days. It was reportedly broadcast 
on several stations over the weekend and journalists are contacting the 
Justice Minister and the news department at Radio Tropic FM this morning to 

If true, I am not sure what the connection is between this alleged operation 
and Lynn Garrison but I suspect he may have been involved.

We'll see.


Adresse en Ha´ti

c/o Radio Tropic FM
6 Ave. John Brown
Port-au-Prince, Ha´ti. W.I.

3483 NW. 37th St
Lauderdale Lakes, Florida 33309

Arrest of eight members of the former army in Port-au-Prince

Port-au-Prince, Haiti, May 11, 2000 (infohaiti.com) -  The Haitian National 
Police arrested eight members of the former Haitian army in Petion-Ville and 
Delmas 95 this afternoon.  Photography equipment was seized at the Technique 
Studio Photo located at Delmas 101, which was being used for the manufacture 
of identification cards bearing the logo of the Haitian Armed Forces.

Documents, equipment and military uniforms were also seized and a warrant 
has been issued by the Ministry of Justice for the arrest of Serge 
Justafort, whose signature appears on the military ID cards according to a 
source within the Haitian National Police. The organization is said to have 
targeted youth by charging them 500 gourdes with the promise of eventual 
membership in the army.  Serge Justafort is the coordinator of the corp of 
security agents who guard rental installations of the American Diplomatic 
mission in Haiti.

Also, the Police identified the presence in Haiti of Lynn Garrison, a former 
advisor to Raoul Cedras and Michel Francois during the period of the coup.  
The same police source confirmed that Garrison has been circulating 
throughout many regions of the country for several days in "activities 
suspected of being destabilizing to the Haitian democratic order."

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