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From: Max Blanchet <maxblanchet@worldnet.att.net>

Havana, July 19 (RHC)--In Havana, visiting Haitian President Jean Bertrand
Aristide said that although Haiti is the poorest nation on the continent, it
is one of the richest in human capital. Speaking at the University of Havana
during an official visit to Cuba, Aristide said that his nation does not
seek to become rich, but rather to emerge from poverty with dignity.

The Haitian president took the opportunity to once again thank the Cuban
people and government for the assistance they are providing for his country,
adding that Haiti aspires one day to be able to display the same
achievements in health and education that Cuba has obtained.

President Aristide also criticized free market, neoliberal policies,
asserting that their only objective is to increase finance capital. He said
that to attain peace in the world, economic development must go hand in hand
with human development.


Havana, July 19 (RHC)--Haiti's president Jean Betrand Aristide has
classified Cuba's scientific development as exceptional. On Wednesday, the
Haitian leader visited the National Center of Agricultural Health,
accompanied by the Cuban Minister of Higher Education, Fernando Vecino

The director of the center, Dr. Lidia Tablada, explained the main
investigation and production priorities of the center to the Haitian
delegation. The center produces vaccines and medical reagents, and assists
in the detection and diagnosis of some rare diseases affecting animal and
crop species.

Aristide described cooperation between the two Caribbean nations as very
positive and fruitful, and said he appreciated the opportunity to strengthen
the solidarity existing between Haitians and Cubans.

Aristide said he hopes to explore new areas of cooperation, including
health, sports, and agriculture, as well as infrastructure construction and
telecommunications. In addition, the Haitian leader stressed that the
Caribbean needs special financial assistance to fight lethal diseases such
as HIV-AIDS, which poses a grave threat to the region's population.

The Haitian president also visited Havana's International Sports and
Physical Education School, where he had the opportunity to greet Haitian
young people studying in the institution.

On Wednesday afternoon, Aristide's delegation paid tribute to Cuba's
national hero Jose Marti at Havana's Revolution Square, where the Haitian
president laid a floral wreath at the Marti monument. Afterward, he attended
the inauguration ceremony of the Fine Arts Museum.