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9770: DR. RUDOLPH MOISE (fwd)

From: Carl Fombrun <carlfombrun@iopener.net>


( Published in the Haitian Times online edition 28 Nov - 4 Dec, New York, N.Y. )

Dr. Rudolph Moise: Yes, He Can

   New York City has a famous "Rudy" who heads as its mayor, but Florida also 
has its own counterpart. Known as "Rudy" by friends and some professionals in 
the medical, business and political world, Dr. Rudolph Moise is a vibrant and 
positive force in the Haitian community of South Florida. 

  At 47, Moise is a charismatic, dynamic Haitian-American who exudes power 
and confidence. One of his many endeavors is serving as chief executive 
officer of Miami-based Radio Carnivale, 1020 AM, established on May 18, 2001. His perseverance and vision is inspirational, especially to me. I was recently motivated to join Radio Carnivale to host a radio version of "Carl's Corner" on the station's 
"Bonjour Miami" program. 

  After so many years of living in Haiti, New York and Miami, I had lost my 
zest for getting involved in Haitian causes. But instead of cursing the 
darkness, Moise and Haitian Times Editor Garry Pierre Pierre have lit a 
candle. Their leadership and determination show that hope springs eternal, 
and where there is a will there is a way.Hopefully, their examples will spread throughout the community.

  Moise's influence was evident on Nov. 8 at a Radio Carnivale reception. Some 
of the movers and shakers of South Florida attended the event. Among its 
guests were North Miami Mayor Joe Celestin; Miami-Dade County Commissioner 
Barbara Carey; Chief of Protocol of Miami Dade Emeline Alexis; Ira Kurzban, 
an attorney for the Haitian government; Trevor Duhaney, president and CEO of 
Duhaney's Pontiac Buick and GMC in Miami; Anne-Marie Armand, founder of Magic Island Tours S.A., in Port-au-Prince.

  Born in Haiti in 1954, Rudolph Moise arrived in Chicago in 1971 at age 17. 
His education is the stuff of legends. In 1977, he received a bachelor's 
degree in business administration from the University of Illinois. In 1981, 
he earned a doctorate in osteopathy from the Chicago Osteopathic School                    of medicine.                                                                                                                              
   In 1994, he received a master's degree in business administration from the University of Miami. In 1997, he received a law degree from the University of Miami School of Law and passed the bar. Moise also earned a degree as a flight surgeon from the U.S. Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine, San Antonio. He is a lieutenant 
colonel in the U.S. Air Force Reserve.

  Moise's post-doctoral achievement, work experience, community service and 
awards are too numerous to enumerate. Not to mention, he is fluent in French, 
Creole, English and Spanish.

  His future goals are just as impressive as his past accomplishments. He 
said he hopes to expand on his medical practice, broadcasting and public 

 Medical Practice. Expand in the medical field where he already has two 
clinics. His clinic in Miami has a staff of 45 employees. He commutes weekly 
by plane to his clinic in Orlando, Fla.

 Broadcasting. After a short few months on the market, Radio Carnivale is on its way in becoming  the No. 1 radio station in the Haitian community. We'll have to wait for the Arbitron ratings. One of the reasons is the variety of programming which has drawn other ethnic groups to the station.                                                                                                    
   It's the first regularly Haitian-owned radio station, excluding Radio Collective International in South Florida, owned by Carmelot Monestime, which broacasts only on a circuit where customers must purchase specific equipment, in order to listen to it. Another great Haitian enterprise by Mr. Monestime which also has a substantial number of listeners of which I am one of them.                                                                                          
  Rudy Moise  is the major shareholder of Radio Carnivale, with about 20 other investors, a majority Haitian-Americans. The radio station's staff consists of 22 employees in a new building in the heart of downtown Miami. Moise's vision for RadioCarnivale is grand. To become a broader force in broadcasting, he is thinking  of many links for Radio Carnivale in Haiti and in the United States.

 Public Service. Moise works behind the scenes in Miami politics and civic 
matters. When I asked him about running for public office, he said, "Not at 
this time, Carl, but who knows what the future has in store for us?"

  About two years ago, Moise married a lady of a German-Cayman Islands 
background. The wedding was the event of the year in Miami. The religious 
ceremony took place in St. Mary's Cathedral, the historic site where Pope 
John Paul II celebrated a Mass during his last visit in Miami. The reception 
took place at the prestigious Sheraton Bal Harbour Hotel. Rudolph and Mirjam 
Moise are expecting their first child on Christmas Day. Naturally, it will be 
a boy and the name has already been picked. Have you guessed? Rudolph Moise 

  This is not the end of the story; it is only the beginning. And I plan to 
be in the front row to watch it evolve.

- Carl Fombrun can be contacted at carl@fombrun.com, www.fombrun.com, by 
telephone at (305) 271-2748 and by fax at (305) 270-3799. 

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