This is quite a specialized bibliography. I am working on a project to catalogue all published photos of Haitian art work   which I can find. These are works which I have already catalogued. I do have many more Haitian art books in my own library which are not on this bibliography simply because I have not yet catalogued the photos in them.

Assembled by Bob Corbett

  1. Alexis, Gerald. PHILIPPE DODARD. Port-au-Prince: Collection Galerie Marassa, 1993.
    24 of his works of art pictured in color. Then some writings accompanied by details of unnamed art works. Text in French.
  2. --------------- HIPPOLYTE. MODULE 30. Port-au-Prince: Editions Memoire.
    Small volume with 8 prints of works of Hippolyte. Text in French. Fairly long biography of career on last pages.
  3. --------------- POUR QUE VIVE LA LIGNE. Port-au-Prince: Editions Henri Deschamps, 1995.
    A book of color and black and white drawings by Tebo, with text accompanying the drawings. Text is in French, but an English translation is attached in booklet on back cover.
  4. -------------- EDOUARD DUVAL-CARRIE. Port-au-Prince, 1996.
    Small pamphelet of an exhibition of Duval-Carrie's work. Only 3 prints of his work and a small amount of French text.
  5. Alfred, Michele, Dr. Carlos Jara and Marie-Isabel Moreno. L'ESOTERISME MAGIQUE DE STIVENSON MAGLOIRE. Port-au-Prince: Henri Deschamps, 1996.
    Lovely booklet with 20 full page color prints of Stivenson's magical paintings. Text mainly in French with one full page piece on his work which is in English.
  6. Amoruso, Carol. FRISNER AUGUSTIN: VODOU AMBASSADOR. Rhythm Music, Vol 12: Dec./Jan. 1997-98.
    An article on a Haitian drummer uses a Castera Bazile painting as an illustration.
  7. ---------- Church Art in Haiti. Life 33(25):64-65. Dec. 22, 1952.
    Only one paragraph of text, but two large photos from Holy Trinity Cathedral, details of work of Bigaud and Duffaut.
  8. ---------- A GUIDE TO HAITI. New York: Haiti Tourist Information Bureau.
    Only one print of Dieudonne Cedor.
  9. ---------- ESSO SALON OF CONTEMPORARY LATIN AMERICAN ARTISTS. Coral Gables, Fl.: Lowe Art Museum, 1970.
    One one print of Mortes Merisier
  10. ---------- HAITI: ART NAIF ART VAUDOU. Rome: Edizioni Carte Segete, 1988.
    Beautiful huge catalogue from the exhibition in Galeries Nationales Du Grand Palais, Paris, 1988. M. Jean-Marie Drot was the director of the exhibit. What little text is there is French. Large number of full color plates. 276 pages.
  11. ---------- HAITIAN PAINTING: AMERICAN HELP ISLAND NATIVES DEVELOP A PRIMITIVE FOLK ART. Life 23(9):58-61. Sept. 1, 1947. Pp. 58-61.
    Article about DeWitt Peters' work, but large color photos 5 major painters.
  12. ---------- MUSEUM AM OSTWALL DORTMUND: KUNST AUS HAITI. Dortmund: Wulff and Co., 1969.
    Catalogue of a showing of art from Kurt Bachmann's collection. At the Museum am Ostwall Dortmand, Nov. 30, 1969 to Jan. 11, 1970. Several articles in German and a dozen color and black and white plates. Brief biographies of artists represented, in German.
  13. ---------- NAIFS DEL BRASILE NAIFS DE HAITI. Venice: Alfieri, 1970.
    Catalogue of exhibition of nave painters of Haiti and Brazile in Spoleto, Italy, Giugno 28 to Luglio 12, 1970. Very little on Haiti, and only two black and white prints.
  14. ---------- RELIGION IN THE ART OF HAITI. South Orange, New Jersey: The Student Center Art Gallery, Seton Hall University, 1968. Seton Hall University. Student Center Art Gallery.
    Lovely small book which is a catalogue from an exhibit at Seton Hall University. Contains about 20 black and white photos of early painters which are of exceptional quality. The text is more poetic than descriptive.
  15. Anquetil, Jacques. HAITI: L'ARTISANAT CREATEUR. Paris: Agence De Cooperation Culturelle et Technique, Dessain et Tolra, 1982.
    This work is more about crafts than what we normally call "art." He does feature reproductions of several painters and sculptors of the more traditional sort. Text is in French.
  16. Apraxine, Pierre. HAITIAN PAINTING: THE NAVE TRADITION. New York: The American Federation of Arts, 1973.
    An exhibition catalogue. It contains 25 of so prints, all in black and white, except for the cover. Lengthy essay by the author, and short biographies of the artists represented.
  17. Armand, Gesner (director). 50 ANNES DE PEINTURE EN HAITI (1930 1980). TOME 1: 1930 1950. Port-au-Prince: Henri Deschamps, 1995.
    The first volume of a proposed two volume set which is both a history of Haitia art and focuses on the transition in Haitian art after the opening of the Centre d'Art. This volume has one section of color prints and a large number of black and whites. The photo quality of all the prints leaves much to be desired.
  18. Bihalji-Merin, Oto. MODERN PRIMITIVES: MASTERS OF NAVE PAINTING. New York: Harry N. Abrams, Inc, 1959.
    Brief two page summary of early days of Centre d'Art, followed by 6 black and white illustration and a few brief bios of artists.
    Beautiful coffee-table art book with great text and lovely reproductions. Six reproductions of Haitian artists of the first generation.
  20. ---------- MASTERS OF NAVE ART: A HISTORY AND WORLDWIDE SURVEY. New York: Alpine Fine Arts Collection, Ltd., 1982.
    Huge survey book of world primatives. Only about a dozen Haitian paintings represented. Short bios of the artists.
  21. ---------- With Nebojsa-Bato Tomasevic. WORLD ENCYCLOPEDIA OF NAIVE ART: A HUNDRED YEARS OF NAVE ART. London: Frederick Muller, 1984.
    Huge survey book of nave arts presented in alphabetical order with a color representation of their work and some biographical material.
  22. ART OF HAITI, THE. Davenport, IA: Davenport Municipal Art Gallery, 1969.
    An exhibition catalogue to show off their new collection and to thank donor, Dr. Walter E. Neiswanger for the donation of the collection. 23 arts works pictured in black and white and a list of the holdings in the collection.
  23. ART OF HAITI, THE. Davenport, IA: Davenport Municipal Art Gallery, 1974.
    An exhibition catalogue for a traveling exhibition prepared by The Davenport Municipal Art Gallery for the Iowa Arts Council. Catalogue features 35 black and white photos of art work from their collection and which are in the exhibition.
  24. ART OF HAITI AND JAMAICA. New York: Art Gallery Center for Inter-American Relations, 1968.
    An exhibition catalogue for Oct. 10-27, 1968 show. Show contained 31 Haitian works of which 5 are pictured in black and white reproductions. Both Selden Rodman and DeWitt Peters wrote introductions.
  25. ARTISTS IN TUNE WITH THEIR WORLD. New Haven: Yale University Art Gallery, 1985.

  26. Blancourt, Gerald and Marie-Jose Nadal-Gardere. LA PEINTURE HAITIENNE / HAITIAN PAINTERS. Paris: Editions Nathan, 1986.
    One of the two best art books on Haiti. Over 100 large color plates. Artists are treated by school or period, and the treatment includes many lesser known artists. Lengthy biographies are included with each artistst. It includes a very useful chronology of key events in Haitian art.
  27. Bourguignon, Paul. THE GREENER GRASS. Tallahassee, Florida: Ariadne Press, 1993.
    A novel who's cover has a color reproduction of Charles Baudelaire's "The Flowers of Evil." Otherwise, nothing about art in this work.
  28. Braff, Phyllis. HIGHLIGHTS OF HAITIAN ART 1940'S 1980'S. Hempstead, NY., 1986.
    Exhibition catalogue for 1986 exhibit at the African American Museum In Hempstead, New York. Contains color and black and white prints, as well as short biographies of participating artists. Works are from the collection of Dr. and Mrs. Raphael Bazin.
  29. Breton, Andre. HECTOR HYPPOLITE, in DER SURREALISMUS UND DIE MALEREI. Berlin: Propylaen Verlag Berlin, 1967.
    Contains one short chapter on Hector Hyppolite (pp. 313-317) with decent treatment of Hyppolite and two black and white plates.
  30. Bryant Foundation. Undated letter on stationary of The William L. Bryant Foundation.

  31. CALLALOO, Vol. 15, Number 2 (Spring, 1992).
    Journal edition devoted exclusively to Haiti. Have a color cover photo of Wilson Bigaud's Conflicts and Tensions. No other photos of art works.
  32. CALLALOO, Vol. 15, Number 3 (Summer, 1992).
    Journal edition devoted exclusively to Haiti. Has color photo of art work, Plus 8 color plates inside.
  33. Cheong-Lum, Roseline Ng. HAITI. Signapore: Times Books International, Singapore, 1995.
    Colorful overview book on Haiti. Contains one color print of a painting by Valcin II, The Birth of Democracy.
  34. Christensen, Eleanor Ingalls. THE ART OF HAITI. Philadelphia: The Art Alliance Press, 1975.
    Contains chapters on art from pre-Columbian period up to 1944 Before focusing on the post-1944 period. Many large color plates and some black and whites as well.
  35. Christie's May 30, 1985. LATIN AMERICAN PAINTINGS DRAWINGS AND SCULPTURE. New York: Christie's, 1985. Sale # 5894.
    Auction catalogue with only one Hyppolite painting pictured. No text.
  36. ---------- Nov. 25, 1986. LATIN AMERICAN PAINTINGS, DRAWINGS AND SCULPTURE. New York: Christie's, 1986. Sale # 6272.
    Auction catalogue with only two Haitian paintings pictured. No text.
  37. ---------- May 19, 1987. LATIN AMERICAN PAINTINGS, DRAWINGS AND SCULPTURE. New York: Christie's, 1987.
    Auction catalogue with three Haitian paintings pictured. No text.
  38. ---------- Nov. 21, 1988. LATIN AMERICAN PAINTINGS, DRAWINGS AND SCULPTURE. New York: Christie's, 1988.
    Auction catalogue with 5 Haitian works, 3 b/w and 2 color. No text.
    Auction catalogue with about 55 color and black and white prints of Haitian art works.
    Auction catalogue with about 50 color and black and white prints of Haitian art works.
  41. ---------- Nov. 24, 1993. HAITIAN PAINTINGS AND LATIN AMERICAN PRINTS. New York: Christie's, 1993.

  42. ---------- Nov. 15, 1994. LATIN AMERICAN PAINTINGS, DRAWINGS, SCULPTURE, PRINTS AND HAITIAN PAINTINGS. New York: Christie's East, 1994.

  43. ---------- May 17, 1995. LATIN AMERICAN PAINTINGS, DRAWINGS, SCULPTURE, PRINTS AND HAITIAN PAINTINGS. New York: Christie's East, 1995.

  44. ---------- Nov. 21, 1995. LATIN AMERICAN PAINTINGS, DRAWINGS, SCULPTURE, PRINTS AND HAITIAN PAINTINGS. New York: Christie's East, 1995.


  46. Cosentino, Donald J. SACRED ARTS OF HAITAN VODOU. Hong Kong: UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History, 1995.
    A decidedly different approach to Haitian Art. This exhibition catalogue and book of essays presents positions that the art of Voodoo must be understand and taken within its ceremonial role and not as a separate and separated "art." Along the way are many lovely color reproductions of art works associated with Haitian Voodoo and history.
  47. ---------- "Lavilokan." African Arts XXIX (Spring 1996): 22-29.
    Introductory article to a whole journal issue devoted to Haitian art, contains a couple of color reproductions of Haitian paintings.
  48. Dallas Museum of Art. BLACK ART/ANCESTRAL LEGACY. (The African Impulse in African-American Art. Dallas, 1989.

  49. Damian, Dr. Carol, (ed.) CONTEMPORARY EXPRESSIONS OF HAITIAN ART. Miami: Alyans Atizay Ayisyen, no date. (1997?)
    Exhibition catalogue of 15 contemporary Haitian artists, each represented by a color plate of a work. Short introductory text in French and English.
  50. Danticat, Edwidge and Jonathan Demme. ISLAND ON FIRE. Nyack, NY: Kali Press, 1997.
    Large, colorful catalogue of exhibition of Jonathan Demme paintings, New York, 1997. Several short articles on themes in Haitian art, and nearly 200 color plates. Contains a good deal of political art.
  51. Dayan, Joan. HAITI, HISTORY, AND THE GODS. Berkeley, California: University of California Press, 1995.
    Several black and white photos of Haitian paintings are in this book on the historical place of Voodoo in Haitian life.
  52. Demme, Jonathan and Kirsten Coyne (editors). HAITI: THREE VISIONS ETIENNE CHAVANNES, EDGER-BAPTISTE, ERNST PROPHETE New York: Kaliko Press, 1994.
    Catalogue of a show of Jonathan Demme's paintings at Rampo College of New Jersey. Oct. 19 Dec. 7, 1994. Many color plates.
  53. Depestre, Rene. THE BEWITCHED REALITY OF HAITIAN ART. The Unesco Courier, Vol. 32 (2): Feb. 1979, pp. 28-33.
    Depestre weaves the theme of Haitian history creating a bewitched view of reality which plays itself out in Haitian art and expression. Article accompanied by 4 or 5 black and white prints of poor quality.
  54. ---------- CASTLES IN THE AIR: HAITI'S PAINTERS OF HIGH SPIRITS. The Unesco Courier, Vol. 37 (7): July 1984, pp.36.
    A brief one page history of the Haitian art movement since 1943, accompanied by a single print of Prefete Duffaut.
  55. Desmangles, Leslie. THE FACES OF THE GODS. Chapel Hill, North Carolina: The University of North Carolina Press, 1992.
    The cover of this book on Haitian Voodoo has a color print of Camy Rocher's Red-Gowned Priestess.
  56. Desruisseau, Rose-Marie. LA RENCONTRE DES TROIS MONDES.
    Historical survey from Pre-Columbian times to the founding of Haiti. Several essays on topics of Haitian history accompany the prints and text. Includes a biography of Desruisseau.
  57. Doornek, Richard R. MYTH AND MYSTERY THE ART OF HAITI. School Arts, Vol.90 (2): Oct. 1990, pp. 31- 34.
    Analysis of nave Haitian painting and sculpture on the theme of myth and mystery. Focuses on Valcin and Jolimeau as models.
  58. Drot, Jean-Marie. JOURNAL DE VOYAGE CHEZ LES PEINTRES DE LA FETE ET DU VAUDOU EN HAITI. Lausanne, Switzerland: Des Imprimeries Reunies, 1974.
    This book focuses on the place of painting in representing Voodoo in the history of Haiti. The text is in French and it includes a number of black and white as well as color photos of art works.
  59. ---------- LA RENCONTRE DES DEUX MONDES VUE PAR LES PEINTRES D'HAITI. Rome: Edizioni Carte Segrete, 1992.

  60. ---------- L'INCONTRO DEI DUE MONDI VISTO DAI PITTORI DI HAITI. Rome: Edizioni Carte Segrete, 1992.
    Basically the same books as Drot, 1994, but the French and Italian versions. However, they does have some prints which the other does not, and they are differently placed. The French and Italian versions are identical save for language.
  61. ---------- AN ENCOUNTER BETWEEN TWO WORLDS AS SEEN BY HAITI'S ARTISTS. Rome: Carte Segrete s.r.l., 1994.
    Very large beautiful book with nearly 100 large color prints, mostly of historical themes. Some brief introductory text and short bios of most of the artists. This is an exhibition catalogue of a traveling exhibit.
  62. Eckhardt, Ulrich and Gereon Sievernich. KUNST AUS HAITI. Berlin: H. Heenemann, 1979.
    Catalogue of exhibition of Haitian art in Staatlichen Kunsthalle Berlin, June 24 Aug. 12, 1979. Text in German is organized by themes: history, Voodoo, Revolution and so on. Many photos of art in black and white as well as color in this oversized 235 page work.
  63. Estrada, Frank A., editor. QUE PASA IN HAITI. Hollywood, Florida: De Witt Industries, 1972.
    1972 Tourist guide to Haiti contains a photo of a wood sculpture by Ludovic Booz.
  64. FOUR HAITIAN MASTERS. Katonah, NY: The Katonah Gallery, 1983.
    Small fold out pamphlet with 5 color prints and text by Ute Stebich.
  65. Foubert, Alain. FOGERGONS DU VODOU / VOODOO BLACKSMITHS. Port-au-Prince, Haiti: Henri Deschamps, 1990.
    Detailed treatment of the Croix des Bouquet school, second generation. Very oddly, among the 65 illustrations there is not a single one by Georges Liautaud! However, there is a treament of him among the biographies of represented artists.
  66. Franciscus, John Allen. HAITI: VOODOO KINGDOM TO MODERN RIVIERA. Chicopee, Mass.: Bert Printing Co., 1980.
    A curious book! Partly for tourists, partly for art buffs. It carries the bios and sample paintings by over 100 artists, some photos in color, some in black and white, but all very tiny. Additionally it lists the names of other painters as well as short biographies. Useful.
  67. Franqui, Carlos. HAITI: HERVE TELEMAQUE. Barcelona: Ediciones Poligrafa, S.A., 1977.
    Book devoted to a single artist, Herve Telemaque. The text is in three Languages, French, Spanish and English. There are 40 illustrations, most of them are full page and in color.
  68. Girouard, Tina. SEQUIN ARTISTS OF HAITI. Lafayette, Louisiana: Print Services, Inc., 1994.
    Colorful, small book devoted exclusively to sequin artists. Articles treat several well know artists and features color and black and white photos of art work. Inside cover has a pocket with half dozen 5" x 7" glossy color cards with art works on them.
  69. Gold, Herbert. "Haiti: With Joy and Squalor." Geo 1, (September 1979): 6-31.
    Current events type journal article with many color photographs, but only one of art work, a color photo of Jean-Baptiste Jean's Limonade.
  70. Haight, Ann Lyon. PORTRAIT OF LATIN AMERICA AS SEEN BY HER PRINT MAKERS. New York. Hasting House Publishers, 1946.
    Only one Haiti print or artist represented in the book.
  71. HAITI DET FORTABTE PARADIS. Copenhagen: Galerie Knud Grothe Charlottenlund, 1992.
    Exhibition literature (3 pieces) for March 29 to April 22, 1992. Text is all in Danish. Several color photos and many black and white. About 50 illustrations in sum. Text by Jorgen Leth.
  72. HAITI: FLESH OF POLITICS, SPIRIT OF VODUN. Storrs, Conn.: Atrium Gallery, 1991.
    Exhibitiion catalogue from March 25 April 19, 1991 show. Text by Sal Scalora. Just a few black and white prints. Exhibition sponsored By Dept. of Fine Arts, Univ. of Conn. at Storrs.
  73. HAITI: PHOTOS PAINTINGS IRONWORKS. London: The October Gallery, 1995.
    Exhibition brochure announcing show at The October Gallery, April 26, 1995. Brochure has just 4 prints, mainly color.
  74. HAITIAN ART: THE HUGHES COLLECTION. Alexandria, VA: Warehouse Gallery, 1979.
    An exhibition catalogue in black and white. The exhibition was Oct. 10-31, 1979 at the Warehouse Gallery in Alexandria, Va. 17 works are pictured from the collection of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hughes. Some text by Ute Stebich.
  75. HAITIAN ART IN THE PERMANENT COLLECTION OF THE DAVENPORT MUSEUM OF ART. Davenport, IA.: Education Department Davenport Museum of Art, 1995.
    An education curriculum using 20 color slides from the Davenport collection. The paintings are also in the booklet in black and white with supporting material.
  76. HAITIAN ART: SELECTIONS FROM A CHICAGO COLLECTION. Chicago: The Hyde Park Art Center, 1991.
    An exhibition catalogue of a show from Oct. 28 Nov. 30, 1991 at The Hyde Park Art Center. It has essays by Selden Rodman, and Michael Bonesteel Contains about 100 prints, half of them in color.
    An exhibition catalogue of exhibition held May 18 June 28, 1979 at the Lockwood-Mathhews Mansion Museum in Norwalk, Ct. Has long text by Selden Rodman and lots about him and his work. The catalogue pictures 47 works of art, about 5 in color.
    Colorful catalogue of works from the museum's collection. Nearly 40 all-color reproductions. Catalogue also contains a short history of Haitian art and a bit about the collection itself, plus a full list of the collection in 1997.
  79. HAITIAN CONNECTION, THE: THE DUSABLE MUSEUM. Chicago: The DuSable Museum, 1982.
    Small black and white exhibition catalogue of exhibition at the DuSable Museum in 1982. Contains an article by Ausbry Ford on Haitian Funerary art. About a dozen b/w prints.
  80. Harmon, Carter. THE WEST INDIES. New York: Time Incorporated, 1963.
    School geography book with a color photo a mural from Holy Trinity Cathedral by Wilson Bigaud and parts of Bishop Voegli's art collection.
  81. HILDA WILLIAMS: UN HOMMAGE. Port-au-Prince: Henri Deschamps, 1995.
    Exhibition catalogue from show at Musee d'Art, Port-au-Prince, 1995. Many prints of her paintings and sculptures. Various hommage is paid her by people her knew and worked with her in Haiti.
  82. Hoffman, L.G. HAITIAN ART: THE LEGEND AND LEGACY OF THE NAVE TRADITION. Davenport, Iowa: Davenport Art Gallery, 1985.
    While this is mainly an illustrated catalogue of Haitian art in the collection of the Davenport Art Gallery, it does contain other works, as well as photo/bios of many of the artists represented. The work has many color plates as well as black and white.
  83. Hofstadter, Dan. "Innocence Abroad" Departures, No. 48 (Nov./Dec. 1997): 99-106.
    Short essay which contrasts the classical model of art as isolated and for exhibit, as opposed to the model of situating art within culture in which it arises.
  84. Houlberg, Marilyn. "Sirens and Snakes: Water Spirits in the Arts of Haitian Vodou." African Arts XXIX (Spring 1996): 30-35.
    Journal article has color and black and white reproductions of paintings and sequin beaded banners.
  85. Hurbon, Laennec. VOODOO: SEARCH FOR THE SPIRIT. New York: Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 1995.
    An extremely colorful small book on Voodoo which has a number of color and black and white photos of art work.
  86. IMAGE OF HAITI. Washington, D.C.: General Secretariat Organization Of American State, 1972.
    Tourist brochure with a few black and white prints of art works and one cover color work.
  87. Italiaander, Rolf. NAVE KUNST UND FOLKLORE. Hamburg: Museum Rade im Naturpark Oberalster, 1977.
    An exhibition catalogue from a showing of nave art which featured a few Haitian pieces.
  88. Jaeger, Astrid and Halvor. "Art to look at: Painters and Sculptors in Haiti" (Also: Kunst om naar te kijken: schilders en beeldhouwers op Haiti) in: ART FROM ANOTHER WORLD / KUNST UIT EEN ANDERE WERELD. Paul Faber, Liane van der Linden and Mien Tulmans, editors. Rotterdam: Snoeck-Ducaju and Zoon, 1988.
    This essay on Haiti art is just part of a much larger collection of articles on topics in art from around the world. The Jaegers' article features works from their own collection. The text is in both English and Dutch.
  89. Jakovsky, Anatole. LEXIKON DER LAIENMALER AUS ALLER WELT. Basel: Basilius-Presse, 1976.
    This is a dictionary of nave painters from all over the world. Just one page for each painter with an unnamed painting by that painter. There are only about 7 or 8 Haitian painters in this work. All photos in black and white.
  90. ----------- PEINTURE HAITIENNE: MUSEE INTERNATIONAL D'ART NAIF. Nice: Action Culturelle Municipale, 1983.
    Exhibition catalogue from Musee International D'Art Naif from Feb. 19 to April 29, 1983. Long and useful essay by Jakovsky and shorter essay by Anne Devroye. Many color and black and white prints.
  91. DER KUNST DER NAIVEN: THEMEN UND BEZIEHUNGEN. Zurich: Kunsthaus Zurich, 1975.
    Catalogue of exhibition in Munich and Zurich in 1974-75. This was a showing of nave painters of the whole world, but included about six or so Haitian painters.
  92. Lerebours, Michel Philippe. HAITI ET SES PEINTRES: DE 1804 A 1980. Port-au-Prince: L'Imprimeur II, 1989. (Vol. I and Vol. II)
    An excellent history of Haitian Art in French. However, the photos of art works are simply terrible quality black and white are poor paper and often hardly recognizeable.
  93. LES PEINTRES NAIFS: DU DOUANIER ROSSEAU A NOS JOURS. Xic Festival Belge D'Ete. Brussels: Editions De La Connaissance, S.A., 1958.
    An exhibition catalogue from June 29 Aug. 31, 1958 at the Casino Communal in Brussels. Only four Haitian painters are represented, with one painting each.
  94. Liu, David R. "Highlights of Haitian Auction." Haitian Art Newsletter Vol. 2, No. 6 (Dec. 1978): 15.
    A journal article with highlights of the art auction at Christie's on Dec. 5, 1978. Photo of Salnave Philippe-Auguste's Carnival. Discussion of prices brought by paintings at the auction.
  95. Louverture Art Gallery. Hollywood, CA. , no date.
    Four page color ad for Haiti watercolors and silk screens.
  96. Maclean, Frances. "They Didn't Speak Our Language: We Didn't Speak Theirs" Smithsonian, Vol 23, no. 10 (Jan. 1993): p. 49.
    In her article on the first U.S. occupation, Maclean uses a print of Philome Obin depicting the U.S. Marines fighting the Cacos.
  97. Maitland, Robert. "Flagg Name Motivates High Bidding." Haitian Art Newsletter Vol. 2, No. 6 (Dec. 1978): 14.
    A journal article about art sale at Christie's on Dec. 5, 1978, with a photo of Andre Normil's Garden of Eden. Other paintings sold from the Flagg Collection are discussed.
  98. MASTER PAINTERS OF HAITI IN THE COLLECTION OF SIRI VON REIS. Rochester, Mich.: Meadow Brook Art Gallery, 1984.
    Large colorful exhibition catalogue with many color and black and white prints. Also articles on various topics of art by Ute Stebich, DeWitt Peters and Robert Farris Thompson.
  99. McCarthy Brown, Karen. TRACING THE SPIRIT: ETHNOGRAPHIC ESSAYS ON HAITIAN ART. Seattle, WA: University of Washington Press, 1995.
    Catalogue with essays of a 1995 traveling exhibition of paintings from the collection of the Davenport Art Gallery. Davis provides explanatory commentary on paintings, especially those with Voodoo themes. The comment pages also provide biographical data. There are also an interviews with painters who survived the repressive period of the 1991-1994 coup d'etat.
  100. Metraux, Alfred. HAITI: BLACK PEASANTS AND VOODOO. New York: Universe Books, 1960.
    The only art work in this book on peasants and Voodoo is the huge color cover photo and one or two inside photos of paintings.
  101. Monosiet, Pierre. MUSEE D'ART HAITIEN DU COLLEGE ST. PIERRE. Port-au- Prince: Imprimerie du Seminaire Adventiste, 1972.
    Small, cheaply printed catalogue with 8 poor-quality black and white prints with names. A few more unidentified prints.
  102. ----------- PEINTURE HAITIENNES. Boulogne, France: Editions Delroisse.
    Beautiful book with many large color prints. Artists are treated alphabetically with a short bio of each. No other text. Most of the prints are from Musee d'Art Haitien.
  103. ----------- LE MUSEE D'ART HAITIEN DU COLLEGE SAINT-PIERRE. Port-au-Prince: Le Natal.
    A catalogue listing all the art works in the permanent collection of "le musee d'art haitien du college saint-pierre" at this time. Brief biographies of arts at the end (all text in French), and a number of color and black and white photos of art works.
  104. ----------- LE MUSEE D'ART HAITIEN DU COLLEGE SAINT-PIERRE. Port-au-Prince: Imp. Le Natal S.A. (P.A.O).
    Similar to two earlier catalogues from Le Musee d'Art Haitien. This one does have several color prints, and a large section of biographies of the artiests.
  105. Montas, Michele. HAITI. Japan, Zokeisha Publications, Inc., 1975.
    Beautiful general photograph book on Haiti, which includes a number of color photos of art works. All photos in the book are in color.
  106. Moyse, Raymond A. (ed.) HAITI: THE FIRST NEGRO REPUBLIC IN THE NEW WORLD. Brussels: L'Imprimerie Marci, 1968.
    Large coffee table book which is mainly a pictorial of Haiti, with very nice photos. There are a number of color prints of art work, but curious choices of lesser known paints.
  107. Nader's Gallery Presents: CONTEMPORARY HAITIAN ART. Barcelona, Jorge Casas, 1971.
    Small catalogue of black and white reproductions and short bios of many artists. No text.
  108. ----------- GERVAIS EMMANUEL DUCASSE. Port-au-Prince: Henri Deschamps, 1972.
    Small exhibition catalogue. A short essay (no author) in both French and English. Only 5 reproductions in very poor quality photos.
  109. ----------- PASCAL SMARTH. Port-au-Prince: Galerie d'Art Nader, 1997.
    Four page brochure with 7 untitled prints. Some text in French.
    Exhibition catalogue. Glossy, large prints. Only 4 Haitian pieces in this sale.
    Exhibition catalogue. Glossy, large prints. Only 5 Haitian pieces in this sale.
    Exhibition catalogue. Glossy, large prints. Only 5 Haitian pieces in this sale.

  114. NAVE ART OF THE WORLD. (ALSO: DAS NAVE BILD DER WELT and PEINTURE NAVE DU MONDE). Baden-Baden, Germany: Staatlich Kunsthalle, 1961.
    An international exhibition of nave painters. The Haiti paintings are Introduced and discussed by Pierre Monosiet. 22 paintings from Haiti appear in this volume, mostly in black and white. Some color prints.
  115. NAVE KUNST AUS HAITI: SAMMLUNG HENTRICH. Dusseldorf: Kunstmuseum, 1980.
    Exhibition catalogue from an exhibit at the Dusseldorf Kunstmuseum, from July 12 to Aug. 24, 1980. 32 prints, mainly in black and white, a few color. Very brief bios in the back. All text in German.
  116. Nicholls, David. FROM DESSALINES TO DUVALIER. New Brunswick, New Jersey, 1996.
    Excellent history of Haiti, but the only art reproduction is the color cover photo of Edouard Duval Carrie's Jean-Jacques Dessaline.
  117. 19 SCHILDERS UIT HAITI. Amsterdam: Stedelijk Museum, 1950.
    An exhibition catalogue from a 1950 exhibit in Amsterdam. 16 black and white reproductions and text in Dutch.
  118. NO OTHER ISLAND THE ART OF HAITI. Sewickley, Pa.: Campbell Gallery, 1995.
    Black and white exhibition catalogue of this exhibition dedicated to Luce Turnier, but featuring art from several other painters. Article on Haitian art by John Hewitt and short biographies of artists represented.
  119. Nunley, John W. and Judith Bettelheim. CARIBBEAN FESTIVAL ARTS. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1988.
    This exhibition catalogue of a traveling festival of Caribbean festival arts contains only one detail of a Haiti Ra-Ra painting, and a good article on Haitian Rara.
    Huge exhibition catalogue of 1994-95 exhibition in Spain. One short section features three works of Haitian artist Frantz Lamothe. Texts in English and Spanish.
  121. Pace, Doyle M. HAITIAN PRIMITIVE PAINTINGS SINCE 1943 WITH EMPHASIS ON THE INFLUENCES OF THE CENTRE D'ART. A project submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for Art 600 Project Seminar in Art Education, in the Graduate division of Glassboro State College, 1974.
    Provides a history of the period following 1943 that includes a decent survey of the literature and several interviews. It even points to future research topics. The few black and white illustartions are of extremely poor quality. There are a number of short bios of famous artists of the 40s and 50s.
  122. Pailliere, Madeleine. PEINTRES D'HAITI, VOL 1: HECTOR HYPPOLITE. Port-au-Prince: La Societe Des Amis du Musee D'Art Haitien, 1975.
    The first volume of a planned series on artists. There is a cover print of Hyppolite's self-portrait. However, the text includes as much about Lucien Price as about Hyppolite. Text in French.
  123. Parks, Gordon, Sr. "Caribbean Carnival." Life (March 13, 1950.) pp. 98-105 and 108.
    Colorful article with 3 large color reproductions of Haitian paintings. The article is about the Columbian Exposition in Haiti in 1950.
  124. Pataki, Eva. HAITIAN PAINTING: ART AND KITSCH. Chicago: Adams Press, 1986.
    Provides a list of 2,000 Haitian painters, and nearly 200 black and white illustrations. Brief treatment of various themes in Haitian painting.
  125. ----------- HAITIAN PAINTING: THE NAIVES AND THE MODERNS. New York: The School of Education Queens College, City University of New York and Board of Education of New York City, 1987.
    Exhibition catalogue of traveling exhibition for the New York City schools. All black and white catalogue features 63 artists, each represented by one large plate. The artists are arranged alphabetically and data on the page is both biographical and aesthetic commentary. Quite useful book.
  126. Piard, Patrice, Shubert Denis, Emmanuel Dostaly and Patrick Wah. HAITIAN ARTISTS IN AMERICAN. U.S.A.: H & H Printing, 1998.
    Extremely colorful volume with many color prints, photos of artists and short biographies of artists as well.
    Small exhibition catalogue from Nov. 2-23, 1968 exhibition in Cambridge. All black and white prints, save one Andre Pierre print in color, with a wide representation of first generation painters of the Centre d'Art.
    Second edition of the small exhibition catalogue for this traveling exhibition in Great Britain. The listings of the collection is slightly different and there are more color prints than in the 1968 edition. A wide representation of first generation painters of the Centre d'Art.
  129. PREZEAU. Quito, Ecuador: Imprenta Mariscal, c. 1995.
    Short exhibition booklet containing a number of color prints of Works by Barbara Prezeau. Some text in Spanish and French.
  130. Robinson, Jontyle Theresa. A HISTORY OF THE HAITIAN POPULAR ART MOVEMENT 1944 TO 1972. Doctoral Dissertation, University of Maryland, 1983.
    This 300 page work is both a history of the art movement and aesthetic commentary. Robinson focuses on the four or five major names of the first generation, and devotes considerable space to the murals of Holy Trinity. Useful depth; not much breadth.
  131. Roche, Jim and Jonathan Demme. HAITI: ACTUALITIES AND BELIEFS. Tallahassee, Fl, Florida State University Gallery and Museum, 1990.
    Exhibition catalogue from show at Florida State University, Feb. 9 to March 11, 1990. Large number of color plates, and even larger number of smaller black and whites. Brief introductory essays by Demme and Roche.
  132. Rodman, Selden. RENAISSANCE IN HAITI: POPULAR PAINTERS IN THE BLACK REPUBLIC. New York: Pellegrini and Cudahy.
    Very early history of the 1944 and following movement. Arranged in themes and schools. A few color plates, but mainly black and white.
  133. ----------- HAITI: THE BLACK REPUBLIC THE STANDARD GUIDE TO HAITI. Old Greenwich: The Devin-Adair Company.
    This edition has a cover piece by Wilmino Domond which is not In other editions.
  134. ---------- THE MIRACLE OF HAITIAN ART. New York: Doubleday.
    Short history of Haitian art from 1944 arranged thematically. Rodman treats of the founding of the Centre d'Art, the schools of Hyppolite, Obin and the cut metal sculptors. There is a chapter on the murals of Holy Trinity and a look ahead toward the future. Most prints are in black and white, a few in color. Useful book.
  135. ------------ THREE GENERATIONS OF HAITIAN ART. Allentown, PA.: Allentown Art Museum.
    Small volume which is a catalogue for an exhibition of paintings at the Allentown Art Museum in 1982. Just over 20 plates, only 8 of them in color. No commentary.
  136. ----------- WHERE ART IS JOY: HAITIAN ART: THE FIRST FORTY YEARS. New York: Ruggles de Latour.
    Perhaps the most glorious art book yet done on Haiti. Filled with color plates as well as black and white, and a detailed history of the art events, themes and prospects in the first forty years.
  137. ------------ Rodman, Selden and Carole Cleaver. SPIRITS OF THE NIGHT: THE VAUDUN GODS OF HAITI. Dallas, Texas: Spring Publications, Inc., 1992.
    This is a book on Haitian Voodoo, not art. However, there are many illustrations of Voodoo theses with black and white reproductions.
  138. Scalora, Sal (curator) HAITI: FLESH OF POLITICS; SPIRIT OF VODUN. Connecticut: University of Connecticut Printing Services, 1991.
    An exhibition catalogue for a show at the Atrium Gallery, University of Connecticut, March 25 to April 19, 1991. Contains three photos of Voodoo banners and also has articles by several scholars and journalists on topics of Voodoo and contemporary Haitian politics.
  139. Schuman, Jo Miles. ART FROM MANY HANDS: MULTICULTURAL ART PROJECTS. Worcester, MA.: Davis Publications, Inc., 1981.
    Two pages on Haitian sculptures with just three illustrations.
  140. Shishi, Madame. LES NAIFS HAITIENNES: AN INTRODUCTION TO HAITIAN ART AND HISTORY. Mount Waverly, Victoria, Australia: Gardner Printing Company, 1982.
    An unusual book, this Australian volume has 32 full page color illustrations from lesser known Haitian primitive painters. There are also rather extensive bios of each artist.
  141. Smithsonian Institution. THE WORLD OF HAITIAN PAINTING. Timonium, Maryland: Smithsonian Institution, 1978.
    Catalogue of a traveling exhibition sponsored by the Smithsonian. The catalogue features many black and white reproductions and a few in color. There is a short section of brief biographies of arts at the end. A set of 47 slides accompanies this volume.
  142. Sotheby's May 22. HAITIAN PAINTINGS. New York: Parke-Bernet Galleries, 1969.
    Paintings donated by Le Centre d'Art and private collectors to provide funds for the construction of a museum of Haitian art in Port-au-Prince. 21 black and white illustrations and one color cover print. Short biographies of artists whose works are in the sale.
  143. ----------- Dec. 5. HAITIAN PAINTINGS: PROPERTY FROM THE FLAGG TANNING CORPORATION, MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN. New York: Sotheby Parke Bernet Group, Ltd., 1978.
    All black and white prints of paintings for sale. 55 prints in all, no text.
  144. ------------ May 23. HAITIAN PAINTINGS. New York: Sotheby Parke Bernet, 1979.
    Auction catalogue with 39 black and white Haitian art works. No text.
  145. ----------- May 6. HAITIAN PAINTINGS. New York: Sotheby Parke Bernet, 1980.
    Auction catalogue with 44 black and white Haitian art works and one color print. No text.
  146. ----------- Dec. 20. HAITIAN AND LATIN AMERICAN PAITINGS AND DRAWINGS. New York: Sotheby's Madison Avenue Galleries. 1980.
    Auction catalogue containing many black and white photos of paintings and only one in color the cover photo. No text.
    24 black and white photos of Haitian paintings. No text.
  148. ----------- Nov. 27, 28, 29. IMPORTANT LATIN AMERICAN PAINTINGS, DRAWINGS AND SCULPTURE. New York: Sotheby's, 1984.
    A huge offering of 53 Haitian paintings, depicted mainly in black and white with some color. Many of these were from the Flagg Tanning Company collection in Davenport, Ia.
  149. ----------- May 20 and 21. LATIN AMERICAN ART. New York: Sotheby's, 1986.
    Auction catalogue containing five black and white photos of paintings and only two in color. No text.
  150. ----------- November 19-20. LATIN AMERICAN ART. New York: Sotheby's, 1990. Sale # 6301.
    Auction catalogue containing 14 Haitian prints, including two Hyppolites. No. text.
    Auction catalogue containing four black and white photos of paintings. No text.
    Auction catalogue with only one black and white Haitian reproduction by Wilson Bigaud. No text.
  153. ----------- 1999, June 3-4. LATIN AMERICAN ART. Sale #7322.
    Auction catalogue containing one color (Duval-Carrie) and one black and white (Seneque Obin). No text.
    Large colorful exhibition catalogue from Feb. 24 May 5, 1991 at the Katonah Museum of Art in New York. The catalogue features about 20 Haitian works, most in full color and very large reproductions. Not much text of interest in the catalogue.
  155. SPIRITUAL ART OF HAITI, THE. Davenport, IA: Davenport Museum of Art, 1998.
    1998 Calendar. 12 very large bright color pieces. Very lovely photos.
  156. SPRING 61 (1997).
    Journal edition devoted to Haiti. There is a color cover photo of Prosper Pierrelouis' "Saint Soleil."
  157. Stebich, Ute. KUNST AUS HAITI. Neu-Ulm, Germany: International Primary Art GmbH, 1980.
    This presentation of Haitian art begins by looking at the themes of the history of Haiti and Voodoo in art. Then begins an alphabetical treatment of artists and concludes with short bios of the artists. All text in German.
  158. Stebich, Ute. HAITIAN ART. New York: Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 1979.
    Large exhibition catalogue of show at The Brooklyn Museum of Art, September 2 to November 5, 1978. (Show traveled to other cities as well.) Mostly black and white photos of art work, but a few in color as well. At the end there are short bios of the artists represented.
  159. Streetworkers Incorporated. HAITIAN ART. New York: Streetworkers Incorporated, 1969.
    An exhibition catalogue from a Nov. 5 16th exhibition at the Americana Hotel in New York. The catalogue has very little text, but does include a short introduction to Haitian art by Selden Rodman. Has about 15 black and white plates.
  160. Tarnowski, Raphael and J.J. Flori. HAITI. Boulogne, France: Editions Delroisse, 1976.
    Very colorful tourist/photograph book with 25 large full color prints of art work, some unattributed.
  161. Thoby-Marcelin, Philippe. HAITI. Washington, D.C.: Pan American Union, 1959.
    Most interesting essay/book by Thoby-Marcelin in which he takes to task the direction Centre d'Art took Haitian painting. The book includes a number of medium quality black and white photos of art works.
  162. TRICINQUANTENAIRE DE L'INDEPENDENCE D'HAITI. New York: Haiti Tourist Information Bureau, 1954.
    Anniversary book with many photographs and over view of the country of Haiti. Articles, poetry, story of art revival and government propaganda.
  163. Tselos, Susan Elizabeth. "Threads of Reflection: Costumes of Haitian Rara. African Arts XXIX (Spring 1996): 58-65.
    Journal article which has a couple of black and white reproductions of paintings with a Ra-Ra theme.
  164. Williams, Sheldon. VOODOO AND THE ART OF HAITI. Nottingham, England: Oxley Press Ltd., 1969.
    The book is a bit misnamed. Two chapters deal with Voodoo and art, but, but there is also a brief summary of the first 10 years of the new art movement, and brief biographies of quite a few artists. There are about 40 reproductions, more than half in black and white, rest in color.
  165. Watson, Jane 1945 Haiti's First Art Center. Inter-American 4(9):22-23,33. September, 1945. Pp. 22-23, 33.
    5 black and white reproductions in this brief article about the opening of the Centre d'Art. Useful historical article.
  166. Wolfe, Linda. THE COOKING OF THE CARIBBEAN ISLANDS. New York: Time-Life Books, 1970.
    This is a cook book with one very large and exciting color photo of a "food" painting, a fruit tree by Jasmin Joseph.
  167. Zdunic, Drago, editor. PRIMITIVE PAINTING: AN ANTHOLOGY OF THE WORLD'S NAVE PAINTERS. New York: Alpine Fine Arts, 1981.
    A huge and lovely book with many color illustrations of paintings, many of them 16" tall. The Haiti chapter is by Sheldon Williams and has 22 color plates. Excellent short biographies of most artists represented.
  168. Zehir, Ken, (producer). THE SECOND ANNUAL AUCTION OF AFRO- AMERICAN ART WITH FIND HAITIAN PAINTINGS. New York: Zehir Productions, 1981.
    Extremely poor quality catalogue with difficult to see black and white photos of paints. A number of lesser known artists and some biographies.


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