In John Allen Franciscus' book HAITI-VOODOO KINGDOM TO MODERN RIVIERA, 1980 one reads:

JACOB, Joseph b.1924 born in P-A-P

"After completing primary and secondary education he became a contractor- builder. His teaching of technology and drawing in construction at the Government Central School led him to painting. From 1960-1963 he studied at the Auburn institute, NY and was director of the Coin d'Art Gallery, Haiti. He has exhibited in the US,Europe, and S.A. His work is characterized by a technique of painting with dots and by the expression of sorrow in the faces of his subjects."

The painting I have is not in dots, though the relatively somber, if not sorrow in the face is there. Mine is painted in numerous pastels. It is a mother with child, the mother holding an umbrella. The paint was put on the canvas with a knife, not a brush, so it is in small mounds and swirls.

In Nadal-Gardere and Gerald Bloncourt's book, LA PEINTURE HAITIENNE / HAITIAN ARTS, Jacob Joseph is mentioned in the section on Carlo JEAN-JACQUES on page 167. They mention that: "(Carlo Jean-Jacques) studied at the ABC School in Paris then joined Joseph Jacob's art studio in 1963. He left the Jacob studio in 1966 "


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