** By the Lutheran World Federation. An overview of Haiti with concentration on liberating development work.     30 minutes.

Bob Corbett's comments:

For several years I have wanted PEOPLE TO PEOPLE to have a film like this one tries to be. There is a need for an overview film for the uninitiated which first presents Haiti, her reality and her need, then goes on to show how a volunteer organization might operate in Haiti.

This is exactly the format of the Lutheran World Federation film, and some parts of the task they do quite well. Much of the filming is quite nice: bright colors, interesting scenes done to a voice-over which gives some background on the history and current status of the nation.

Unfortunately this section tries to do too much and ends up being a very choppy treatment of themes. At the same time it does to little, since the text is slow and drags on.

After the overview the film begins to focus on the work of the Lutheran World Federation in Haiti, and it is impressive, not only in the work itself, but in the approach--a liberating development which tries to help Haitians become free from the need for aid.

This is primarily a fund-raising film and would best be used by those who would like to motivate its audience to support the work of the Lutheran World Federation, or work like it.


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