Film: The Man By the Shore (L'Homme Sur Le Quais)

Subject: Movie: The Man By the Shore 1 (fwd)
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 1995 08:54:51

(Don't know the source of this review)

"THE MAN BY THE SHORE: ('L'Homme Sur Le Quais') is one of the best films that I have seen in the last few years. Set in 'Papa Doc's' Haiti, circa 1960's, its the story of 8-year old Sara's intuitive struggle for survival in the malevolent political and social environment of dictatorship. Sara's father was forced to leave Haiti by a vicious tonton macoute strongman. Janvier, leaving Sara behind under the precarious protection of her grandmother.

"While this film is set in Haiti, the human circumstance is one that would be recognized by the former East Bloc nations and the dictatorships of Latin America. The Director, Raoul Peck, is truly a master filmmaker in complete control of his craft, his ideas and the emotional landscape that he renders so beautifully.

"'THE MAN BY THE SHORE' deserves to be nominated for an Academy Award.

"The company distributing this film is KJM3 Entertainment Group. Call them about pre-release screeings, 212-689-0950."

Updated information (27/3/99)
Man by the Shore can be ordered at KJM3 Distribution Fax 212-9253482
462 Broadway suite 510
N.Y 10013


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