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March 2000

THE GOLDEN MISTRESS stars John Agar and Rosemarie Bowe from Hollywood. In addition it has these featured players from Haiti:

It has simply astonishing footage from Haiti. In addition it features two spectacular long sequences by the National Folklore Theatre of Haiti.

Additionally in the credits is:

The film is directly by Hollywood's Joel Judge and after that there is a special thanks, while the Haitian national anthem is playing which reads:

"Photographed in its entirety in the Caribbean through the generous cooperation of the Government of Haiti."

Okay, lets quickly forget the story. Beautiful Rosemarie Bowe, sort of a Marilyn Monroe type who hangs out of her clothes all the time, and macho John Agar are after some treasure of some disappeared tribe. It all involves Voodoo, of course.

But along the way:

All of this takes about an hour of the 82 minute film. After this they set off for some other Island, which may well be another part of Haiti, but I don't know. However, this part of the film is nature time and there cute monkeys and a zillion coloful birds including toucans and others.

The film ends with the treasure lost, but the real treasure found since macho boy gets girl falling out of clothes.

Some really exciting full color, well-filmed footage of Haiti!

Please, I have no idea in the world where to get copies of this film. Try on-line film stores.


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