Chief Torres of Arowak Indian Descent Denies Claims of Genocide

Date: Sun, 22 Sep 1996 17:48:05 -0700
From: Chief Peter Guanikeyu Torres <>

Chief Peter Guanikeyu Torres wrote:

Tau Natiaos, Hello Brothers,

We as a Taino people must start writing to anyone who is presently authoring articles of misinformation about the extinction of our Taino people and to correct those who are promoting this kind of misinformation about our Nation. It is the reponsibility of a people to justly defend their Taino national sovereignty. In this way putting to rest once and for all, the false rumors that we as a people are extinct.

It is clear that much of our language has been somewhat mixed, yet it also was never extinct but transformed via a fouled European colonial attempt to wipe out or destroy our language and Antillian race via an intentional and further unchallenged act of inhuman mass genocide against the Taino Nation. The mere fact that our people were subject to colonial domination by foreign powers, that forced us to assume a disorganized Taino national society, does not constitute that we are an extinct race of people. It only shows that we were given no other choice for cultural and racial survival as a people. The Taino people today must become very aggressive when challenging these false story tellers. Historically we were a very gentle people, but the oppressive circumstances we have faced as a people has forced us to take this rightious path to vindicate our ancestral rights. With this message to the world communities of nations, we are further requesting the many noble friends of the Taino people, scholarly and other common people of good heart to stand up for the Taino people's rights as a member of the International world of the community of Indigenous Nations.

A NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: As a Taino Indian man of noble heritage I am not in a position to speak for all of the Taino Tribes and Organizations of the Taino Nation, but only for the Southern Jersey Taino Tribe of Jatibonuco and its traditional Tribal Council, and The Taino Council of Jatibonico of the Island of Boriken known as Puerto Rico.

Respectfully yours
Chief Peter Guanikeyu Torres
Great Grandson of Chief Orocobix
Heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Jatibonico
Taino Indigenous Nation of the Caribbean & Florida

The Taino Inter-Tribal Council Inc.

527 Mulberry Street

Millville, New Jersey 08332

Permission is hereby granted by the author and the New Jersey State Incorporation that is known as "The Taino Inter-Tribal Council Inc." for the republishing of this article on all modes of communications.

Please do pass this message on to as many honorable people as possible at an International community Global level.


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