Notes on Toussaint Louverture

P. 70-73. Sir Spenser St. John for a very favorable assessment of Toussaint.

P. 68 Heinl. On Toussaint's Volte-face Also in Heinl: Civil War between Toussaint and Rigard broke out on June 18, 1799 By Sept. the U.S. was at Toussaint's side. Civil War. p. 89. By Aug. 1, 1800 Rigaud sailed to Gaudeloupe then to France. Petion and Geffrard too.

Jan. 26, 1801 Toussaint received the keys of S.D. (p. 92) Sept. 30, 1800 U.S. France with agreement of Mortfontaine ended their quasi-war. This opened the door for Napoleon.

See Bind 41 H for Steward's chapter on Toussaint in prison, includes letters.

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