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The note below is to all who join the mailing list. It gives more information about how the list works and what to expect. Please note: the list is a very active place and it is not unusual for you to receive 20 or more posts every day. This is not a list for the faint-hearted and there is no digest version.

Welcome to Bob Corbett's mailing list. This is an active place for news, discussion and items of interest about Haiti. I urge you to participate with us as you will.

This is a moderated group, and I am the moderator. I will send on MOST messages that you want posted to the group that deal with Haiti. But I do NOT guarantee that every post will be posted to the entire list. If it is not a Haiti post, then I will seldom do so, but now and again I do, being convinced that it could be of general interest. Often an initial post will spark discussion that flows far from a focus on Haiti to more general issues of value, economics, politics, language, whatever, but in such a way that the discussion transcends the Haiti focus and becomes a more general discussion of value, economics and so on. These I will typically NOT post, but I will send the response to the person involved so that the disagreeing parties can carry on private discussions about these issues which are not centrally Haiti-centered. The discussions themselves may well be important, interesting and so on, but if they are not Haiti discussions first and foremost, then I will normally reject them. I am one of those who often gets interested in the wider ramifications of some post that started out Haiti-centered, but I just join the outside discussion where there is no moderator and are no rules. Here on this list we just have too much traffic for this to be a general discussion group, nor am I interested in creating a general discussion group, but a focused Haiti group.

In an effort to keep the list from generating just too much mail, I will take other steps such as consolidating replies and eliminating repetition, and, after a while just taking a discussion off-list when it begins to get too repetitious, or becomes less of general interest. I will then ask the participants to carry on their own.


IMPORTANT NOTE ON PRIVACY: This is an e-mail list and a private one. As such it is expected that no one will re-post or reuse any material without the explicit permission of the person who wrote the post. This means you may not re-post material from this list to any newsgroup or put if on any web page or print it in hard copy for redistribution without the explicit permission of the person who wrote it. Violations of this policy will cause you to be dropped form this list PERMANENTLY.

This is a list created for news, discussion and inquiry in ENGLISH. I will rarely post anything in any other language and that includes Haitian Creole and French.

I will NOT post requests for donations or support of projects or political activities. One can certainly argue FOR political ideas, but this is not a "call for action" network since there is neither an assumption of any agreed upon political stances, nor any in evidence in the face of our strong disagreements that crop up all the time.

I do run in the face of much of the etiquette of the internet. The internet is a fairly rough place and personal attacks are common. I won't sent out attacks that are directed toward the person who posted the message rather than the message itself, nor will I post messages whose general tone I find to be rude or offensive. Those are judgments I will have to make on the basis of my own gut reaction. But, I will always inform the person in question of my views and invite a defense of the post, or modification of the post. However, since I am the moderator, my decisions will be final. I'll work at seeing your side, but the guidelines above will apply. I want this to be a friendly and civil place for discussion and exchanges of information about Haiti and not a general discussion group for interesting ideas.

The list itself is not published. Nor will I give out your e-mail address without your permission. However, each time you post I will include your e-mail address line from your post UNLESS YOU ASK ME NOT TO IN THAT PARTICULAR MESSAGE ITSELF. Then, I will happily publish your post anonymously with no return address. This is done to offer whatever small privacy I can to individuals who want it and value it.

It is a delight to have you on the list, please enjoy and join us as you wish.


Bob Corbettcorbetre@webster.edu


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