Notes -- Dauphin Plantation in Vortex Family

From Bob Corbett

I simply LOVE historical novels. However, they do pose the difficult problem of when is it history and when is it fiction. THE VORTEX FAMILY, which I just reviewed yesterday poses this problem.

Jean Metellus writes: p. 55

"The murder of the trades' union president of the Dauphin plantation (he was able to mobilize six thousand workers with massive support), that the president of the shopkeepers' and retailers' unions, the brutal police repression of the railway workers' strike -- all these things are telling and prove that the Estime government is far from democratic."

I have a number of questions. Did the Dauphin plantation workers strike in such a fashion? What actually is the Dauphin plantation?

Were there enough railroad tracks in 1949 to call for a railway workers' union? When did the railway deteriorate to the nothing that it is now?



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Bob Corbett