Destinasyon Latounèl/Gwoso is an initiative of a group of students from the countryside of Léogane,Haïti to share the Haitian peasant life and culture with visitors who are interested in knowing Haïti better.

This program gives a chance to the visitors to explore another part of Haïti, visit the mountains of Léogane and rural villages like : Latounèl and Gwoso.

Latounèl and Gwoso have been for years places visited by tourists who always come to explore Haïti, observe the Haitian peasant’s life, and his work by staying with families in the mountains during their visits.

How to go to Latounèl/Gwoso

Latounèl and Gwoso are two villages located in the mountains of Léogane, which is a district situated at 30 kms ( 19 miles ) south of Port-au-Prince.

From the city of Léogane, you take a Tap Tap to Darbonne where there is a public market. From Darbonne, you can start walking for about three hours if you are athletic, if not, you can ride on a horse.

What will you find in Latounèl/Gwoso

Being in Latounèl/Gwoso, you can learn about the Haitian peasant’s life while you are staying with a family during your visit. You can talk to the members of the family through translators.

You will also have the great opportunity to see how the Haitian peasants work together, learn about the konbit system and how it works, learn about the rural economy by visiting work-groups and peasant gardens.

Historic sites

In Latounèl/Gwoso, you will learn about the Haitian history. You will be able to visit a fortress that was built after the Independence of Haïti that is called : “ Fort Campan”.

There is also a spectacular water-fall in Gwoso that tourists love to visit. An opportunity to take a cold bath, swim and have fun !

Taking part in peasant organization meetings, learning creole, exchanging conversation with kids and teachers at school will also be on the menu.

Under your very eyes, the peasants will play their old traditional music that is called: Leuit. It will be a fantastic moment to dance and relax.

Are you interested in this beautiful and unforgettable adventure ?

To plan your trip, e-mail us at :

Contact address Dlatounè

Or call at :
( 509 ) 551-9321/ Sauveur Rosier
( 509) 234-2660/ Yvon Chery

Bonjou: Good morning

Kijan ou ye?: How are you ?

Pa pimal : not too bad !

An invitation to explore the hidden face of Haïti with Us


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